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    Things are feeling good. I am a lot more positive. Arguments have stopped and we’re actually quite civil. He’s moving out this week. After I sent him a message a week ago stating all the things he’s done wrong and told him it’s abuse. He initially denied it but finally he apologised for how he’s made me feel. It was a sense of relief and my tears came flowing. I’m looking forward to what happens next and I bought myself some new clothes and perfume this week. It’s the best Iv felt in a long time.

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    I hope it continues to be kinder 💞💕

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    You lucky woman!! Please don’t go back. My ex has only ever thought he was perfect. I think he will die as I found him. He was only ever a miserable git. And I was warned. Well done! It’s really exciting to find after abuse that we can do stuff. We are able. We can survive. I hold my hat up to youx

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    He’s bagging some of his stuff (detail removed by moderator) and it’s so upsetting to be here when he’s doing it. I feel so guilty. Although everything he says I think is another manipulation. Work is doing well I have another job on- do I believe. I will move my car closer to house for all heavy stuff. What heavy stuff. He’s been going really slow part expecting me to cave and Iv kept hoovering to keep my mind of it. I just need to remind myself why I’m doing this in the first place.

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    I remember packing my things up with my ex following my every move. He just sat there being so pathetic as if that would make me change my mind. It was so long ago I dont remember what was said, I had a glimpse of my future though, thought everything would be wonderful, which was made me keep going. He wasn’t abusive like my OH, so leaving was sort of easier. This time it’s not. I can’t imagine packing up with him around, I can’t imagine that at all. I had a glimpse of a future without him in it last night and I liked it.
    Good luck with your OH leaving and packing, just think of this time tomorrow or even later on tonight when he’s not there. Think of the peace, the calmness.

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    I’m glad to hear he’s actually going after you confronted him. Well done.

    Get the locks changed as soon as you can and enjoy being you again.

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    Stay strong and keep moving forward – you are taking huge steps in the right direction and you should be very proud of yourself.

    We are all here to support you and help motivate you.

    Onwards and upwards to a brighter future – and I hope that you can also find the positive things that are in the present.

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