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      When I first met my ex i had a gut feeling that he was after me for financial gain. I did months of research into how to protect myself. My advice is to strongly protect any assets that you have,ensuring you know about all loopholes. Pre nups & cohabitation agreements are essential. The citizens advice & shelter can help. X

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      Ooh yes, my ex exploited me good and proper financially.

      If he uses using you in other ways, it is likely that financial abuse is there too.

      It sounds very unromantic talking about money. But my ex and I not talking about money enabled him to act in a secretive manner and exploit me. Better to have an upfront, matter of fact and transparent approach to money.

      If your partner doesn’t like talking about money, most likely he has something to hide- or can’t cope with money ( in which case, you are probably being leaned on too heavily ).

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      Falling Skys

      If ever I got into a serious relationship I would make sure therr was a legally drawn up document. I was well and truely used and abused financially.

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      When I first met my ex, within weeks he was suggesting that he move into my house, rent out his own place, pocket all of the money and not give me anything. He felt he was perfectly entitled to do that & was outraged when I said he would have to contribute. I found out a lot about the legalities of all of this, if you are a home owner and somebody wants to move in with you, it is imperative to get a cohabitation agreement properly drawn up by a solicitor before they move in. Or Shelter can help you with this. This will prevent them laying claim on your property. My ex pushed and pressured me for months to move in, i was having none of it. Also, people need to be very careful about getting married if they own a property. A friend of mine owned her own home, she met someone, got married , he moved in and throughout the marriage he earned peanuts while she was the breadwinner, paying all of the bills. He had an affair, left and after a lot of wrangling in court she had to pay him off to the tune of ÂŁ60’000 purely because they were married, he ended up quids in. It is imperative to protect yourself, Pre Nuptual agreement at the very least and never give more than you are getting.

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      I will never fall for a man again who does not have a mortgage free house and a big car, goes on holidays twice a year and has his pension sorted.
      But having said this, I do not want any man anyway 🙂

      And marriage is definitely a mistake, a big mistake. Even co habitation is a risk.

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      I agree.

      What I have will go to the children and to charities.

      I will never line another man’s pockets again as long as I live.

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      Dear ladies, please be very careful if you suspect a man is after your money, i noticed that Better Days owns her own home, i would urge Better Days to seek legal advice to ensure her ex cannot make any claim at all on it. These days men can legally get money out of women without even doing much if they have been in a relationship, even if they are not married. The women need to be on top of the law and know their rights. No way was my loser of an ex going to get his grubby hands on all that I have worked hard for for years, that was his aim. I had a steely determination inside that he would never rob me on a grand scale and he didn’t purely due to my diligence. Sadly his family members are in the process of financially exploiting an elderley vulnerable lady for her money, pure sick and evil and I have reported them to the authorities. Any hint or twinge that he is after your assets please put your guard up and seek legal advice. XXXXX

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