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      Hi all,

      I’ve had to step away recently as I’m struggling again. I think the combination of working through the aftermath and dealing with it whilst professional support is very limited is really challenging and, for me, the slightest thing can set off the panic and anxiety.

      I can see there is so many new women seeking support and many still searching for answers ……I’m sorry I haven’t been about to help (and thank the angels for the likes of KIP ❤️).

      I’m never entirely sure that my answers are helpful but hopefully I’ve helped some (even if it’s just to raise a smile).

      My love and support to all you brave women. 💕

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      Hello again Escapee. Welcome back. Hope your having a better day and sorry to read you have been struggling. You have helped me and many others, I’ve seen lots of good you’ve done💞

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      Hope you’re ok @Escapee and can get to heal in time. Can you concentrate on you now. Try some self healing techniques, meditation, yoga maybe, or running. Taking up something you’ve never done before and immersing yourself in it, might help get the endorphins going. I don’t practice what I preach so let me know if you manage to! Failing that comfort food and films, curling up, hot baths, writing, doing exactly what you want when you want. Sending you strength. It will be ok. You will heal. It will get better. xx

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      Sending you hugs and strength too darling.💕 Iliketea got some good suggestions try them?

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      Thank you lovely ladies 💕

      Oh if only I could practice what I preach too! 😂 I’ve got so disheartened with all the calming stuff, if I did any more I might as well become a yogi and go live in a cave! I just wish all the pain (mental and physical) and all the confusion would just s*d off! I just feel like I’m starting to win and then something happens to put me back again! Sorry, I’m moaning. I just get so frustrated that even once you gather up all your strength and leave, there’s still a mountain of pain to work through. I also know how lucky I’ve been as housing, finances and support have materialised as needed saving me the added pain that I know many of you have faced – so for that I am truly grateful. Plus I have virtually and in real life met some wonderful women because of this situation…..there you go…talked myself out of that moan 😂.

      God bless you ladies 🙏❤️

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      I know, I’m experiencing the same, it’s one issue or trigger or anxiety call it what you will after another. But I’ve received good news; it will decrease in intensity and frequency! So there is an end it sight honey, just need to get through it, it will end one day. I am working and the exposure to many different situations is immensely triggering, there isn’t a week passing where I am not anxious, sometimes it can be small things sometimes bigger, I work through them, it’s utterly exhausting, mind-blowing, i don’t wish this on anyone. 😓 what I can say is try to figure out how much of your time this trauma processing takes and work around it. Meaning give it space and fill your ‘spare’ time with things you enjoy doing. If any of this makes sense 🙃 I see trauma processing as a job. Work at it. It does get better darling, I went from constant panic to immense anxiety to frequent triggers and slowly I think I am getting to a place where I try to tell myself I am safe doing this, doing that. More and more activities become safe. I hope any of this makes sense honey. That’s where I am at, a little further down the line than you and want to reassure you it does get better 💪💕 and also keep focusing on the material aspect, the practical things, at least there you can feel like you’re winning and it won’t get any less even on bad days.
      Always feel free to moan lol 😘
      Lots of love to you 💕

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        Thank you for your wise and hope inducing words HLJ. It really helps to know that there’s light at the end of the tunnel (even if it’s the equivalent of the channel tunnel! 😝).

        I really want to go out to work as I think it would really help me but I’m not there yet – I’d probably end up spending the day hiding in the broom cupboard 😉.

        So much love to you 💕

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