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      I don’t know why I did it… It’s so easy for me to lose track. These texts- he’s lovely, seems so caring telling me he loves me…. In a split second I’ve convinced myself all over again that it was me over reacting and seeing something in a twisted light… But everything I’ve convinced my self of over the last month can’t be wrong. I have totally lost my grasp on what’s rite and wrong… 😢

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      Lovebombing- they tell you what you want to hear…they are all perfect in the beginning, I mean you wouldn’t even DATE a man who called you a C or or a B!
      All it is, they are thinking how you will aggrandise them and feed their sense of entitlement, big them up.
      Whereas you view love as giving, they view love as taking.They feed you sweet words but it’s all a trick.

      Then when they get tired in their new position of King they start tearing you down, because it’s all a stupid blind cycle they are in.
      Don’t read his texts, delete them. You deserve love and happiness angel.xx

      And never reward bad behaviour with understanding, extra love or trying extra hard to please… believe me, I have been there,
      I remember kissing his fist as he put it to my face, now what sort of a poor trapped lady I was then!I thought to heal him, and he thought to punch me!

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      PS Stay STRONG, it gets better xx

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      Starmoon, That is the exact word that came to me love bombing , they have two sides and use them both as it suits, mine has two sides but it does not work anymore, try not to read them whilst you are so vunerable to doubt. Whenyu feelthisway remind yourself of the awful ways he has treated you, write them down xxxxxx

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      Oh Teatime, you described it so well, them wanting us to big them up and feed their go, etc. You’ve expressed it so well.

      I really feel for you in what you’ve been through X

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      Thank you. I don’t know why I bothered to read them. I think in the light of day I do know what he’s like and Thad he’s no the guy he pretended to be. Thank you again for your replies xx

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