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      How do people deal with damaged reputation and relationships? There are people such as old family friends that i knew all my lif who i feel too ashamed to face because of how i was when things were transpiring.

      I behaved terribly as it was all falling apart and I’m so deeply ashamed and embarrassed by it all. I just can’t face seeing those people again and when i occasionally have to, i don’t know how to behave. I can’t look them in the eye.

      Has anyone got any advice on how to get passed the shame and embarrassment of it all? It’s more around how crazy i was behaving rather than the actual fact that i got into this situation.

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      Have you thought about a letter explaining how things transpired and that you are sorry for any unintentional hurt? Or could you talk to them on a one to one basis? I did things I wouldn’t ever had done if it wasn’t for the abuse. The ones who stayed in my life I’m grateful for but the ones who shut me out I can’t do anything about and I’m okay with that. Time is a good healer so perhaps you might want to leave some time before broaching it x

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      I agree with Kip, you could write each one a letter explaining everything and how sorry you are, explain abuse and coercive control in it. That your mind just wasn’t in the right place at the time and it would mean so much to you if you could build your relationships back up with them, and that you miss them xx

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      Happieskies , too many people judge without knowing the facts and sometlmes not even knowing anything! the only thing i can say is have a sure sense of self if people judge let them carry on , don’t feel the need to have to explain yourself to anyone those who care will ask with genuine concern but after being smeared and lied about in my own town by my own abusive family and abusive ex,s , having unconsented types of pictures shown around to the perpetrators work colleagues( that I never would allow anyone to take of me , going through several suicide attempts and a fair few nervous breakdowns all I can say is your human , you feel , you hurt and you were going through the repercussions of everything that comes with the aftermath or abuse , be kind to yourself happieskies , give yourself a break 💗💖💗

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