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      Hi everyone, just thought since I’m awake most night I’ll just chat here. I have such a bad pain from a past injury caused by him but driving about in car has made it worse. I finally had enough and told someone about him. He’s still here but been on best behaviour since. They aren’t gonna just leave us now, he will be being watched by ppl. I’m reading a book called… The courage to be me.. By Dr Nina burrowes….. It’s about sexual abuse but I’ve not been through that. If you look it up just change the words cos it’s basically fits any abuse. I got to chapter 2 and had to stop, it’s send a strong message to me that what I feel is normal thought process. So far I think it’s a positive read. So wish I could sleep. Every night in like this. Anyway if I keep typing your all gonna have a book to read lol. Just wanted to say hi

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      Hi, Those nights are horrible. I hope you managed to get some rest eventually? I’ve noticed that the forum often tends to wake up at night. There is usually someone around but just recently the patterns of the forum seemed to have changed a little so not so many people around.

      Hope you’re ok?

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        Yeah I feel ok. Really emotional though. Telling someone has opened up everything that I was holding inside. The person I told is in our life on a professional level so it’s more personal than say going to woman’s aid appointments. I’m glad about it now. I think I’m now even more thinking why did I keep moving that line he kept crossing. I feel weak and stupid. I always thought I’d never put up with this stuff… Guess I’m wrong about that now. Now that he will be being watched, I can concentrate on my healing from all this. Every emotion ya can get I think I feel just now.

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      I think it’s another form of mentally ‘waking up’. I read in the night – like I need to learn and I need to feel like I am not alone. The light bulb moments when you can see your situation for what it really is can’t be underestimated and its good to share. Thanks True2myself. Good book recommendation.

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        Yes, I think at beginning of this journey I was totally lost and couldn’t function… Then I started to know what was happening but kept moving the line….. But now I’m at point that I know what’s happening and I’m gonna stop him. How dare he. I am getting stronger but also very emotional. Sounds like contradiction but yous might understand. I used to be a very private person but this time has broken that down and I’m now becoming open and by doing that I’m getting support…. Being strong and private I thought was a good thing but now I feel that is putting a wall around me and letting nobody help. Now I can build to bring strong and letting the right people in. I cannot express how much this forum has helped me. Thank you to you all. I have a long way but finally on right path I hope

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