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    I cannot cope with this anxiety! I’m lay here absolutely afraid to get out of bed. He’s been gone a few days now and still hasn’t reached out to ask about our child.
    I haven’t slept or eaten in days. I’ve reached out to family, friends and seeking counselling. I just can’t get through a day without falling apart every 5 minutes, is there anyone who feels the same after their partner walks out? How do we get through it?! X

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    I was broken too. How do you eat an elephant? One teaspoon at a time x
    And that’s what you do, I had to set myself three tasks a day. That could be take bin out, open mail and have a shower. So you take baby steps and you try to concentrate on you and not him. He’s living in your head rent free. It does get less and less so time is a great healer too. Meantime be your best friend. We are anxious when we worry about the future do ground yourself here and now. What to you see, hear, feel taste and smell right now. Say it in your head. Right now I see my wall, I smell my shampoo, I feel the sheets underneath, I hear the birds etc. What ever it is x this too shall pass x

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    Hi kip, thanks for your valuable advice. I will try hard.

    Everything just feels and seems impossible. I am frightened of the future, how I’m going to cope with delivery of the baby, section recovery, newborn and toddler together. My head is really in a pickle!

    I feel dead sorry for my babies, and for me too. I just wish I could stop hoping and wanting him to come back and take this anxiety away. It’s happened so many times, and when he comes back the anxiety instantly goes away and we are happy again for a little while.

    My little one keeps looking for him, she’s so very unsettled at night, she misses him. This hurts most x

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