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      Oh no..I was feeling all up beat..thought I want to know what’s going on with him in our house…(detail removed by Moderator)…which I don’t want to have to do, though he’s just ignored my investment from day one…and now sitting pretty in our house that we both bought not say too much.

      However now he’s just taken ownership and lying that it’s his, he’s been dumped, a victim, depressed, his family obviously giving him maximum acknowledgement of me at all whatsoever…god only knows what he has said about me.

      I put him out of my flat many times, because of the vile behaviour me telling him to leave, calm down, etc etc…him screaming ‘I’m not going to be told by you I am staying’ you can’t tell me what to do..all that omg!

      I see him posting pictures of my garden with pots in it from my Mum (no longer with me) & I wonder How the hell can I get back what’s mine, how can he do this.(I know he’s abusive etc) just no conscience, he’s obviously loving it.

      I have to fight back, I feel sick though just knowing what’s ahead, he’s going to drag me through mud which he is going to invent, to save his a*s.

      I really detest him. I’m scared and I hate him for ever being in my life.

      Can’t help myself saying this.


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      Keep a file and put any evidence you can gather in it. I know it’s painful but a solicitor is a great idea. There may be legal ways of getting him out of the house. If my ex hadn’t been arrested and bailed then I know I would be facing something similar. They believe they are entitled. Entitled to anything and everything they convince themselves is theirs. But with their arrogance comes stupidity and carelessness.

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      Hi Kip, thanks I am trying to gather evidence and social media will help, he has separate accounts…one happy nice one for his family, the other, a secret, (typical)(he doesn’t know I know) which he rants and raves about the world and nit picks about every little thing nonsense …he can’t help himself, the real him..his hatred and wickedness has to come out!

      Yet he’s painting the ‘Look at me all happy and having fun in my house’ picture…makes me sick.
      I just have to go through all emails and phones and find my evidence, he never discussed the house …now I know why, it was all conversations/arguments between us…me asking why he hadn’t sorted paper work, him ignoring me…like I was EVER going to buy him a house! He should seriously have a psychiatric assessment ASAP. I wish one of his family would just …do something practical! Instead of ignoring his obvious mental health problems, patting him on the back and reassuring him that his behaviour is in any way shape or form acceptable to any partner on any level. They see it they know it and they ignore it, and meanwhile I/we suffer the consequences. Fuming!

      I have totally had it …I suppose I’m angry and that’s a good sign.
      How dare he.


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      Find your evidence cuppa. Ive just astounded myself recently. Found actual proof of his lies about his debt. It has his and my signature on it. It’s great. It’s several thousand. Unfortunately it’s only part of his debt but I will find the rest.

      Go to your solicitor. It will be worth it

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      Thanks Dragonfly…you should see me in action..I’ve just found 4 old mobiles and chargers …now charging up, see what they reveal Some I havent looked at them for years…and I’m going to go through my computer for emails, then send a group email to friends to write statements to support my side of the agreement, verbal is still lawful. You should all know that it’s called implied trust and constructive trust.

      In writing or not he’s going to get it in black and white…he does not get to choose & control anymore.

      I know I will go through low times with this battle, but I have to try.
      Scared or not.

      Thanks for being there (I could cry!) no one understands except you ladies, it’s a mine field, torture and so upsetting. I’m sick of being brave I’m a woman in battle with a devil.


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