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      I am new and just trying to learn if I am experiencing emotional abuse from my dad. There are numerous incidents that have happened including being locked in the car for not playing well at (detail removed by Moderator) or being scared I would hold my bedroom door handle. Most recently (detail removed by Moderator) when driving on a dual carriageway (detail removed by Moderator) he shouted telling me I’m the reason he wants to die. He got out and walked across. We got home ok.
      He will shout, get angry and swear frequently and if I question him he turns it back on me.
      He makes comments about how loud I am at eating and I don’t like it.
      He also will make comments about death when turning the tables back on me ie ‘(detail removed by Moderator)’. So I will feel bad for being upset or hurt by his actions.
      Any suggestions or advice welcome.
      Thank you for your help.

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      Hello Gymshark and welcome

      Yes, I think this is emotional abuse and you are not alone here as my parents have behaved in a similar manner towards me. My dad sends me abusive messages. He claims to have a life-threatening condition and writes me to say he’ll be gone soon. Only the messages keep coming so clearly it’s not that life-threatening. At an important life event my mum told me to hurry up and finish eating. The social situation was probably making her feel uncomfortable, but I don’t think that’s really an excuse for such behaviour.
      Society expects us to have loving, supportive relationships with our parents. I find it’s really hard to get people, including therapists, to understand that this is not always the case.

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      I do feel for you in a different way for me Gymshark in a different way I remember my partner saying to me that the only time he stop loveing me is (detail removed by moderator) that is very upsetting thing to say and saying this I think to make me stay with him because our relationship not the same how it used to be my partner has made me feel
      Dead in side after all the years his gave me abusive mental toucher being controling geting annoyed. How can I tell someone who is abusive how I really feel how he makes me feel there just no answer to it . My partner expect me to laught at
      Him for the things he does to me it’s just not funny he says I am just trying to make you laught but it’s not working sometimes he says are you laughting not funny useing my body to joke around with makes me feel un easy it’s just not normal thing to do to joke about with my body . I’ve told him to stop doing this before he did for a bit then started again doing I just feel that he thinks I am a joke when his doing things like this

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      I feel for you. Our parents are supposed to be there to love and protect you. My mum loved the silent treatment, she also used to disappear at the drop of a hat. Dad was great until he found alcohol.

      I do believe you are suffering from emotional abuse and unfortunately I like a lot of others probably left home too young because of it. straight into the arms of an abusive man.

      I’m not sure of the help available when it’s your parents, but know the problem isn’t you, you are a strong and courageous person who has just got a really terrible person as a parent.
      Take care x

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