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      Starting on a very low dose to see if I can get going with them this time. Taking it one day at a time. Saw my friend yesterday and know I can ring her which helps a bit. She told me bit too put to much pressure on myself which I’d good advice.
      Don’t like the’spaciness’ feeling but that should pass. Didn’t sleep well either, but it’s early days. I know sometimes you feel worse before you feel better on them.


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      White Rose

      It will get better xx

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – only just seen this now – how are you feeling today?

      SO pleased you have been to the Doc and are receiving help – I should do the same – I really hope the antidepressants work for you and make you feel better – as I said it was more than 16 years ago I was on them – and didn’t feel they helped then – but then again I was with him then – what medication WOULD have helped??!!??

      I guess they have moved on a lot in that time, and Im sure now I would get one that might actually work for me – and give me a little boost and some energy to do things – and see some hope …….

      Good for you seeing your friend too – I have this problem when Im depressed I cut myself off from everyone – don’t want to see people or talk to them – or even chat on Facebook – BUT if and when a friend DOES come by – it really DOES cheer me up, and does me the power of good – but its just MAKING myself be social that’s the problem – I do myself no favours shutting myself away……I know that deep down…….

      So how do you find tablets affect you – you say ‘spaciness’ – does that mean you don’t quite feel ‘with it’ a bit d***y/slow not quite ‘in tune’ with what’s happening around you??

      I have worked out how to reply to you and sent you a private message.

      Take care,

      Love M.U.M. x*x

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      Oh M.u.M,

      Today, honestly I’m feeling terrible! But seeing your message was like a godsend, to allowing me to come on and say it. Thank you!
      Yesterday was ok. But today I know I feel the ‘feeling worse before I feel better’ but, Erich can happen to begin with I now. I went to bed late last night, maybe that’s why, but I have just felt miserable all day, like I can’t shake it off. And I’ve had to do a long drive, just got back. My head odd hurting and I just feel like I can’t speak to anyone. My daughter had gone on her room to be on her phone, which she is on ali the time, either talking to people or listening to music with her earphones on. She won’t put the phone down no matter what I day. It’s a real struggle between us which I give up on. I hope it’s s phase, but I feel I need to but some boundaries around it but am not able at the minute.

      I think I’m quite sensitive to the effects of the tablets at the moment because I feel so tense about getting another job and like I needed to do that quickly and want to cell positive and on the ball. So I can’t just sit back and let than take affect and kind of ou this bit.
      Yes by spacey I mean kind of slow. That usually gets better. When I’ve taken them before they do make me feel tired and sometimes a bit weak generally. But I found that bearable. I’m hoping tomorrow hour in feeling today will have passed. Bed at normal time might help. I’ll keep going for a bit anyway.

      I was pleased I saw my friend. When I contacted her I said how I was feeling, is poetry sure she’d be a good person to talk to, she’s been through difficult times. So it wasn’t really for cheering up I saw her, but tell someone what was happening and how I felt. She’s actually a family friend who I haven’t seen a lot, but she understood. I’m like you. When I’m like this i don’t want to speak to anyone. But I’ve b been thinking about support for me and this is a bit of support.
      On the drive home today my daughter was silently on her phone with headphones in and my head was going around with what can I do for a job, employers must think I’m useless. So hard. Tomorrow I’m going to make a list.

      So I’m not a great advert for antidepressants yet! I’m sure they are better than years ago though, if u can get through this stage. Do you get anxious? I think they are could for that.
      Going to check out your private message.

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