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      Hello, I hope everyone is well and more importantly safe.

      I am just sitting (detail removed by moderator) alone with my child and started thinking about all those horrible abusive episodes. And one thing came to mind.

      I have never had any emergency money at home that if I had to run I could just quickly grab it.

      I was thinking each time I have an opportunity to withdraw some cash even if it’s only a £10 or £20 or more at a time and hide it somewhere.

      BUT I’m scared that he would find it by accident. And it would either cause a massive argument of why I am hiding money or he would just take it and spend it all on himself.

      Do any of you have any tips on hiding spots at home that it would be easy to access in the event of emergency but at the same time so it wouldn’t be that easy for him to find?

      I tried googling some ideas but a lot of them require drilling or building or places like back of the toilet or drawers are not going to work for me.

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      Hello BlueberryField,

      Thank you for your post.

      I just wanted to encourage other uses to be thoughtful in their response to your query, in terms of safety and confidentiality. Perhaps suggestions would be safer made via direct message or by keeping the ideas quite vague so as to retain users security.

      Thank you BlueberryField.

      Take care and keep posting,

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        I am more than happy to receive private messages. I wouldn’t want to risk anyone in exposing themselves too much. Or in a case if any of the abusers come across this forum and see this, then decide to have a look at home if their woman has any hiding spots.

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      Also to give an idea for others, back to when I was working I used to put some cash away in my locker at work. And I knew that in case of emergency I was always able to access that locker 24/7.
      However since I no longer work, I am in desperate need to find a spot at home.

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      In my experience I used to hide money & other things in what I thought were well hidden places and he always found it. His desperation to buy drink/drugs I think. Is it possible to have a personal account, something like Starling or Monzo that you set up remotely. If you leave in a rush, think about the things you’d grab and could any of those be a hiding place, I’m thinking inside of a bag you’d grab, notes inside a coat lining. Trouble is you have to have an excuse ready if he finds it somewhere odd.

      Ideally store documents and money away from the home – do you have any friends who could keep a box hidden for you, they don’t have to know why. Isn’t it awful we have to think like this x

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      I opened a bank account in my name. I did this prior to leaving. I did it in seperate bank elsewhere different to normal bank. There is other security there around statements I worked out.

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