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      I have been out at party in my community. I feel so nerves about it, I don’t really meet them but everyone expecting him, they all know that I lived with my ex for nearly decade so I know they will start asking about him.
      Anyway I put on make up, dress up nicely and put the best smile, and I did it. I know they make me as a hot gossip in my community but I don’t care, they don’t have any idea what I have been through so why should I care their opinion, and I don’t need to proof anything to them.
      I stayed for couple hours but when someone start asking about him, I know i have to leave. But I’m so proud of my self that I still can have fun, chat and do something nice for my self.

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      I’m so happy for you.
      All I want is to be my self again, and to be better person. I miss who i am before I met him. I remember every time I’m upset I told him I hate my self, become someone that I don’t want to be. I’m so glad I don’t have to be that person anymore.

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      Millionpieces. Good for you. 🙂

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      Good on you hun, glad u had good time

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      mixed-up mum

      Hiya – WELL DONE YOU!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      That took real courage – Im really struggling with courage to socialise at the moment – as you will see by my last few posts.

      As you say – they have no idea what you have been through – and you are so right you don’t have to prove anything to them!!!

      You should be really proud of yourself for getting dressed up- going out – having an nice time and are starting to get your old self back again.

      Im still trying to find the person I was ……still trying to make a new life….trying, trying…….


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      Hi mix-up mum,
      One day you Will find Your self, what you dealing is mrs complex.
      Funnily in one side I feel so proud that I can be on this stage but that makes me ask my self may be the abused is bcouse of me. But in my case is so clear that he has been abusing me physically, many times.
      The more I think through is my relation with him the more I can see clear that from day one he actually have not manage to control me. He tried and tried and tried but I am a women who don’t give up easily, all my mistake was loving him, care about him and keep trying to build healthy relationship which never work ( he hate communication, he always been secretive). And I know I have been give my very best and if it didn’t work it’s his lost.
      Yet most of the time I am still confused.

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      Wonderful, Millionpieces. I have not reached this stage yet. The best way to hurt abusers is to be successful in life whilst they watch. He will get the news and fume. x*x

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      Since I found this forum, I have grown stronger than before. I am survivor and I will keep surviving. I am proud of my self to be in this stage. But I will not get too excited as I know up until now I just live a day at the time. I don’t know how I am going to be tonight, or tomorrow.
      Thank you everyone.

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