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    Hi Ladies!!!

    I’ve been watching people around me, observing my own situation here, listening to the chatter online from friends and one thing I notice is this whole virus lockdown thing is a kind of “fire” that does boil things up to the tippy top doesn’t it? Painful as it is, it is revealing…

    I see families who are strong, relationships that are and this actually makes them grow stronger, more solid.

    I see those who have some minor difficulties which this time which makes them put themselves in check and go, oh okay, I got some things to work on here, let’s all communicate, clear out the rubbish!

    And then I see families and relationships that were hanging on by a thread anyways and this just boils all the poison right to the top. It also reveals, as if we didn’t already know, who the biggest perpetrator is of the all the discord. We basically get a free counseling session out of all this!

    Said all that to say, it’s a SUPREME moment TO examine our navels as to exactly WHAT is bubbling up and where it’s coming from and I see that happening everywhere, on here, all over. It’s not a bad thing. I mean it feels b****y awful and we walk around surrounded by goop everywhere but it’s good to really see and not be blinded to – what’s really up, right?

    Kinda like you have the pest guy come out and light things up for ya, show you were all the little rascals are coming from, the favorite comfy spots they like, what they like to eat and so on, where your weak places are for them. Kinda like that without the bill.

    We have our hard times here and probably more to come with this virus playing out to the end but don’t entirely hate the fire here…… it’s revealing. It does my heart good to see the families that are actually pulling together and becoming closer. If that’s not happening then, it bears closer inspection which I do see alot of people doing and that’s a good thing. Maybe if this hadn’t happened some people would not be able to see the forest for the trees. Hugs to you All!!!!

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    Forgot to also say that things come up to the surface even if you are by yourself, right? Any insights from you guys?

    It’s also a great time to self care……..of course we should always be doing that, duh, but now we have the time. What things are you ladies doing that helps you in this arena?

    Stretching, even if it’s mild. Being creative in the kitchen with ingredients you’d have never put together before. Long hot baths. Listening to wonderful music. Dancing even if you’re by yourself. Or getting creative with an art project. I got one for you!

    All you need is a vase that you’ve gotten flowers from and saved, just a clear one, colored is fine too. Then tissue paper, what you save from prezzies you’ve gotten and the like, all colors. Then white elmer’s glue, water and brushes!

    You first have to tear into bits the tissue paper, all sizes, you’ll figure it out once you get going. Set aside, big heap of colors.

    Then mix your podge which will be about 1/4 white glue and 3/4 water.

    Get your vase and start applying your pieces of tissue to it with the podge because it is your paint. Layer on top of one another, making sure you brush the bubbles out and keep going all way round. The finished product will look like stained glass. Putting a candle in it is most lovely.

    You just want to make sure you keep putting coats and coats of the podge on it because you want to make it all stick together well, be smooth and finished. Even after I am done, I put a couple of extra coats on all around. Just don’t want it to look milky however. You can also spray with a finish if you have it. Fun for the kids or just you!!

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    I’m going down to my house and getting the back garden in some semblance of order since I can’t actually move into as yet. Brambles everywhere… but jyst came across a natural way on line to get rid, 2 parts salt to 1 part water. Will try b4 I go for chemical weedkiller. I’m finding it’s practically or possibly all been slabbed at one point but has so much moss and jaggy nettles growing on top of them it’s going to take a very long time to find out. The soil under the moss looks pretty good, then there’s the slabs under the soil, it’s the garden that keeps giving😂😂😂 I’ve not got many tools but can get by with what I have. Great exercise fir the bingo wings👍🤭🤭 I’m visualising sitting out the bank sunbathing, reading, even having my breakfast. Oh I cant wait. Ive bought wallpaper for my bedroom and the living room, put up lampshades. There’s so much to do and all the time in the world to do it.
    Happy days
    IWMB 💞💞

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    I LOVE IT!!! It’s so good to get your hands into the dirt, into the land and connect with nature. It’s been one my biggest healing powers. I am so happy for you…….so happy. You just celebrate your life here, your freedom to do whatever! Go Native!!! LOL! Our feminine power when unleashed is a force to be reckoned with and it’s also so very beautiful so just enjoy your own beauty, okay? Wrap your butterfly wings about you and see all the colors and go – I love me, I truly do and once healed and strong I will make powerful ripples out into the world with my one small stone and you will. You already are! Keep us updated, I love to hear!! Just don’t do Roundup on your weeds because that stuff is horrifically poisonous!!

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