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      Hi Ladies,

      Sorry for posting here a lot over the last week. I am coming to terms with what has happened to me and am now able to speak about matters with more confidence and clarity.

      Just wondering if what I have experienced is just a lot of coincidences, or whether you think I might be being stalked or followed by a private investigator…

      Over the last, year my husband has picked up on several small details that could only have be gathered if someone had been in very close proximity to me. In sum:

      He called me and questioned me by text as to why I had flown to my home country and who I was with. He had never done this up to this point,but the only difference on that occasion was that I was travelling on business and with a male colleague. When I asked him why he was asking, he replied that he had a right to know my whereabouts as he was still my husband.

      He text me quite randomly, a few months ago, to ask me if I had taken my wedding ring off. He did this only a week or two after I had made the decision to take it off (because every time I looked at it, it reminded me of the abuse). He noted once again that he was still my husband.

      He came round to my home in the guise of wanting a casual visit and a chat, but he soon got angry and asked me if I had been to see a lawyer about getting a divorce. In that month I had been put in touch with a lawyer by Women’s Aid, and in the week before my husband’s visit I had been to see them.

      24 hours after I changed my job title, on one social media outlet, he text me to ask if I was enjoying my new job. I asked him how he knew about the job and he spluttered out that he had found the change on a completely different social media channel (to which he had no direct access, as I had disconnected with him).

      I have recently been learning about a certain genre of music. I have never told my husband that I have taken up an old musical hobby, again. No sooner had a started on this genre, a book arrived in the post about it from him as an apparent good-will gift, and spookily the author looks very like him.

      As I noted, in previous posts, my abusive stepchild is working under 5 minutes walk from my house, despite being in a huge city with hundreds of neighbourhoods and employers to choose from. Why did they choose this neighbourhood and why did my husband choose to text me with this information?

      I think this is all going beyond coincidence, but I could be wrong.

      Is being followed illegal, if it is done by a private investigator? Do I have any rights to stop this if this is the case? I feel like my world is shrinking by the month. I don’t think I am overreacting as there have been several issues and they are all a bit close for comfort.

      Lilycat x

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      Hi Lilycat, I am no expert on these matters but I would say that a woman instinct is usually spot on and therefore I would trust it. Things like you have explained seem too much of a coincidence to ignore, the flying on business and your new musical hobby seem really quite strange things to pick up on.
      I am unsure what the legalities are concerning private detectives, I suspect that private investigators probably rely on technology now to track peoples movements rather than sitting in cars all day, it may be worth considering having your phone/laptop checked to make sure there are no monitoring apps on there? It will do no harm you going down various investigative avenues to at least put your mind at rest. It does sound that your ex hasn’t let go yet and his interest in your movements is not healthy. Sorry if I couldn’t offer you any more advice but I would definitely not ignore your instinct. Good luck. xx

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      Thanks, Wandering Cloud. I will check out the tech- tracking options and get my devices checked over.

      Kindest wishes

      Lilycat xx

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