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      Dealing with stalking of the abusers friends. I caught them on a few occasions I have lost trust in the police because they haven’t taken it my domestic abuse case seriously. These are male adults. I caught one following me on (detail removed by Moderator).They have different vehicles too that speed in and out of the area everyday. I believe it’s on a deeper level than I’m aware of. One made threats to beat me up. He’s always outside my in front of my house deliberately standing in front of my door talking loudly.I don’t trust these people. He even a few years ago hopped over my garden fence at night and stood by my window staring at me. Also sneaking through the garden to look at me then run off. I really don’t have solid evidence of these incidences because I don’t think will take it seriously. It’s hard to film in a decreet way.

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      Hi there, my ex has done similar in regards to sneaking into my garden. We still talk as I’ve come to realise it’s better to know what he’s doing than have no contact at all. Hope I’ll be able to do it eventually. Thing is he can come into my garden during the day but chooses to do so at night. I think he doesn’t want anyone seeing him bringing things in so does it under cover of darkness. Thing is my dog doesn’t even hear him, so when I see things in my garden I’m like where did they come from. I don’t know what’s worse. I feel I can’t report it as we are kinda talking, but in your case,keep reporting every incident. The more’petty’ incidents the police have on file, the more they will see a pattern. Sadly they need to build up cases against these men and one off phone calls aren’t enough unless there’s been a violent issue.
      Stay strong, keep a diary of events to corroborate what you report to the police. Have you spoken to your local WA centre. I don’t know where I’d have been if I hadn’t found the courage to contact them.
      Best wishes
      IWMB 💞💞

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      Talk to victim support about getting a security camera or fit one yourself. I don’t think they’re too expensive and can me motion activated. Also talk to the police about what’s happening and what you’re doing. That you don’t feel safe. Keep a journal too so that you can build a pattern of behaviour to show them.

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