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      Hello ladies
      It’s been a while since Iv been on but Iv met a guy. Things are in the very very early stages and Iv been researching into star signs. This guy is really sweet he’s a Virgo I am not used to being tret this way. Now I looked at Sagittarius which was my previous the narc from hell and his star sign keeps warning me how he likes to do things when he wants to do things and if he’s stopped you will pay for it. Now this was a major issue in our relationship he wanted to go out get severely drunk, but also wanted me sitting at home waiting for him even if I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. He’d come home then shout and scream at me and that’s when he’d abuse.
      Basically the sag sign is him likes the chase but not interested once he’s got his catch doesn’t realise what he’s got till its gone. So now I wonder what star signs other abusive exes were and did it contribute to their abuse? Xx

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      This did not apply to the ex abuser that I suffered from. Rather read ‘Living with the Dominator’ and join the Freedom Programme to recognise signs of abuse. 🙂

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      I don’t really believe in star signs. if I did, I think all signs have the ability to be abusers.

      Try not to compare this new guy to your ex but look out for red flags.

      Does he work?
      Does he live a healthy life style?
      Does he have addictive tendencies?
      How does he manage his household?
      Does he say unkind things about other people?
      how does he handle stress and conflict and difficult situations?

      I recently went away for a break with someone I’m dating.

      he treats me exceptionally well but has road rage swearing at other drivers and gets cross at things like when techology doesn’t work. he also is addicted to smoking so much so that we couldn’t sit through a 3 coruse meal with out him popping out for a f*g.

      This may seem like all the normal stuff normal people do but to me those are red flags as to how he might treat me if we have a conflict.

      take things very slowly especially as you have kids and don’t let him come to your house or give him your real phone number or email.

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      Simple things like drinking 3 pints a night which is over the recommended daily limit or binge drinking on night out or 20 cigs a day is a red flag to me.

      also people who “say well I shouldn’t have to xyz” gives a sense of entitlement and ungratefulness.

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      A close family member is Sagittarius and he is the most loyal, kind and wonderful husband.
      You cannot determine an abuser by Astrological sign. Both abuse and astrology are more complex than that…
      There is no magic that will protect from abuse than noticing the warning signs like:
      Sulking or falling silent for no apparent reason
      Shouting at you
      Coercing you to do things you do not wish to do
      Not considering your needs
      Putting you in danger
      Financial control
      Bossing you around
      Constant complaining/ whining
      Putting you down
      Being two faced


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