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      I don’t know how to explain how im feeling, like im empty sort off. My head is fuzzy, Im tired but cant sleep. I just feel really strange and i don’t know why. My chest hurts but not in a way i cant breath. Has anyone else experienced this.

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      Yes I am feeling this today. Sending love and hugs x*x

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      Do you have any idea why i would feel like this. I just don’t feel like me

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      Could it be anxiety? x

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      I guess it could be but i haven’t felt like this before. Im just hoping for a good night’s sleep and will hopefully feel like me tomorrow

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      Hi Daff,

      Yes I have days like this sometimes, sometimes it goes on for afew days. Like I’m here but not here, very disconnected from myself and the people around me. For me its usually followed by tears and then the feeling of having let something go, and then I feel much better and lighter. Restorative yoga has been really helpful for me to tune into myself and get out of that strange numbness, for me that chest tightness has been unshed tears. Be gentle with yourself and dont feel you have to rush anything, but allow yourself to cry if you need to. It’s very healing. A nice bath and a walk in the fresh air helps too xx

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      Hi my beautiful angel… Daff,
      Being in an abusive relationship makes us close down our emotions. This is a natural flight or fight reaction to what’s going on.
      If we allowed us to feel all of what an abusive relationship puts us through we would not survive it.
      So how you are feeling is very normal, so don’t worry.
      Give yourself time to rest and heal, you have been through a lot.
      I always like to use nature as an analogy as in mind my it makes sense and is easy to visulise. So think how a garden looks after a really bad storm, it takes a while for the plants to get their strength back again and start to grow upwards again towards the sun after they took a beating… this is you my angel. Give yourself time to grow strong again, nurture and nourish yourself from the inside.
      Lots and lots of self love, and if you feel like just being still and quiet allow yourself that time… ask yourself what do I need today to restore my selflove?
      I totally agree with Hawthorn, yoga has helped me no end. Don’t get to hung up on if you are doing the moves totally right. I would just put some gentle music on, or alternatively no music at all, closed your eyes and feel into where your body needs stretching out, start to unlock the parts of you that have got stagnant and release the emotions that have become trapped. You may want to scream, grown, cry, yawn or burp while doing this… this is all normal!
      If you wanted to go into things further, I would google about chakras. Its clear your heart chakra has been shut down, which will have knocked your other chakras our of alignment to, but with a little bit of focus and attention on it, it will start to open up and re-balance.
      Sending you love and support
      Darcy xx

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      Thank you everyone. I have been out of routine this week which i dont think has helped. I thought the abuse had only started last year but when I look back i can see others things that happened, which isnt helping. I will look into yoga and give it a try and probably execute it badly. Im trying to move forward but theres things happening which are putting a halt to it, but im trying to take each day as it comes but its harder than i expect. Family can see that its more than just a break up but i don’t want to talk about it with them. I appreciate everyones help

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