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    hi ladies. i wonder if anybody can relate to this feeling. i suffer with bad anxiety which i have done many posts about. today i have had this really hyperactive it feels likei have been on speed. its a horrible felling anybody any idea what it is?

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    Hi ISS, hard to say exactly, is it panic? Inabilty to sit still, the feeling you need to keep busy, on alert for incoming? Stress after trauma? Does it feel like all your senses are hightened and that loud noises hit like explosions? xx

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    yes its weird i have had my friend in stitches laughing. i cant keep still i can only describe it as if im high or almost drunk. he said jokingly im bipolar (detail removed by moderator).

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    Maybe too much adrenalin pumping round? Sounds like it could be helpful to dedicate some time to practising some relaxation techniques, so you come down and feel you can gain some control over it; stress and anxiety over a long period of time is not good for a person. I found that my stress response got faulty, after years of not responding to the fear, eventually I seemed to view most things as stressful and anxiety inducing when they were typical every day stressors and I also felt I had to be on high alert for incoming – it was horrible. Mediatation, walking my dog, yoga, any self care and focusing on my children all helped me a great deal x

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    its awful what our minds and bodies have to suffer even when these evil men our physically out of our lives but they still mentally torture us.. its cruel and unfair

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    For sure, it takes a lot of practice putting him out of mind, it can be done but it took me a long time to conquer this, the meditation helped me start to see that I can gain some control my thoughts. A big turning point for me was when I let go of the fear of him also, and started to fight back. I realised he would always be the way he is and treat me the way he does whatever I do, helped me attend to me and let it go, adopted the attitude let him get on with it, of course by then I also knew that my behaviour was always reasonable and his unreasonable /controlling and I could evidence this, so that helped. I kind of fall back on my integrity, and thus know I have always tried to do the right thing by us all – also helps. The last time he threatened me I didn’t emotionally react inside or feel distress at all as a result, after years of living in constant, stress, distress and angst. I’ve done a lot of mental re framing.

    You’ll get there, talking things through with folk, a professional and reading what you can will all help. Self awareness and information is key x

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    im reading all sorts it is helping. i know i will get through this we all will. we will get our happy im sure of it

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