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    Following on from my first post.. he got the tattoo with my name. He must have a feeling. My email has been typed, I have spoken to the police in advance, I have read living with the denominator (eye opener) I am almost ready. It’s a case of sending the email. HOWEVER he is being very nice whilst abroad.. messages photos I love yous. I need the strength to do this. The backlash will be catastrophic from him fam. I said (detail removed by moderator) was the day I send the email..I’m buckling but i k now i must do this.

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    Hi there, we find the strength because living with abuse, once we know it, is no longer an option. Leaning an abusive relationship is one of the most daunting terrifying things I’ve ever done. I’m terrified of a few things like most people, ice slightly overcame two others since I’ve left. I can put my legs our of the bed now and not worry about the monster under the bed. I’ve faced my monster, he no longer lurks in the shadows. I’ve also climbed a great height(in my opinion).I wouldn’t say I’m cured of that phobia but I’d never have even attempted it before I’d left.
    You’re right, things won’t be the same once you send that email, but you will be in control now. To blazes with what everyone else thinks, this is your life, your chance to be happy. No more putting anyone else’s feelings before your own. Are you safe, have you spoken to WA yet. They can advise you accordingly too. I’d never have been able to leave if they hadn’t found me flat to go to. It was this forum and my local wa’s help that have me the courage to leave and write my letters. I hope you find your courage too.
    Good luck IWMB 💞💞

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    I have spoken at length ta w.a. I am nearly ready to do this. He is blissfully unaware thinking things are ok.. messaging calling etc I’m just thankful that he is abroad working just now. Will keep posted x

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    Sending strength to you today.

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    He is going to take this badly I know it. I’m terrified he will kill himself and I feel guilty asking him to leave his house his kids all his possessions.

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    Its crushing my head.. I know its abuse I know this I have seen him at full temper. When hes good things are bearable..i feel constantly stressed but its bearable. I just feel so utterly terrible hurting him like this. I’m losing it

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