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      Do you ever feel so angered by another person’s behaviour that you’re numb to it? This post is a vent. Sorry.

      He lied about his whereabouts to our Cafcass officer…the person who is facilitating his contact with our children…told Cafcass he couldn’t make suggested appointment day because he is abroad…I have proof that he isn’t.

      The man that pleaded to see his children…was praised for his patience and remorse…would rather be elsewhere than meeting with the person who is trying to help him.

      I am going to inform Cafcass of what I know…no doubt he will have an excuse for it and will end up playing the victim.

      We are all once again dancing to his tune. He doesn’t care about our children. They’re just possessions to him.

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      Hi Strube,

      Yes, I am suddenly- after all these months- overwhelmed with anger.

      I’m not numb to it. I am seriously tempted to break no contact just to tell him that I am reporting him to the inland revenue and I am going to destroy him. That’s how angry I feel.

      Sometimes, I think trying to be saintly about it all is a pile of ******.

      Sometimes I wonder why we are expected to face such abuse with such composure.

      I feel for you, I really do. Yes. Tell Cafcass. I have no faith in them, but if you have actual proof, they can’t refute it. That will help them to see who he is.

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      Hi Serenity,

      I feel the same, and the continued abuse is done under the radar so to speak, so we either put up or shut up. I find I am made to feel guilty for forcing him to seek help and support in order to spend time with our children, yet the courts praise him for his patience! Oh how quickly they forget that his behaviour is the reason we are in this nightmare.

      Sometimes, I wonder if being saintly is worth it, then I remind myself that a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots and he will show his true colours eventually. I was trying to protect our children from that, but I think it’s best they see it for themselves.

      I don’t usually pay attention to horoscopes, but I read mine the other day and I found it really helpful…it read something along the lines of be bold. Now is the time for me to do that. I will inform Cafcass, so that they can see who he is and hopefully he will realise that he can’t keep lying…our children need stability and consistency and not to be placed at the bottom of his priority list.

      I don’t know your reasons for reporting him to inland revenue, but don’t break contact to inform him. Go ahead and report him without giving him prior notice.

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