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      Since I got strangled a few years ago, I get moments when I cant swallow, especially if I am overthinking, it’s frightening because I feel like I have literally forgotten how to swallow, my muscles don’t want to work and anything I am drinking or eating stays in my mouth. I just cant engage the muscles responsible for swallowing and I then panic. It’s at its worst when I am at someone’s house or in a cafe. It comes on suddenly and makes me utterly frightened to choke as I have done several times since that terrible day.
      It’s happened again this week, several times, and I end up spitting, I have no choice.
      I am going to go to counselling soon, and I will explain this sudden feeling I get. It happens all of a sudden, there is no warning, and it lasts for a long time. It’s worse with liquids. So frightening…

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      Falling Skys

      Hi BJF

      Sounds awful, when I get stressed while eating I eat to fast, and make myself ill. He was very controlling about what I ate.

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      Falling Skys

      Sorry sent to quick…

      I am sure that the counselling will help. And together you will work out away to get through this

      FS xx

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      This must be really awful for you it sounds like a kind of panic attack all linked to the trauma you suffered. I definitely think counselling will help like falling skys also it might be worth trying to read up on relaxation techniques for those times when you are feeling yourself tensing up or it coming on. During my waking panic attacks I have found that if i focus on counting and breathing it is never quite as bad as those attacks where you feel completely out of control. There are lots of sites now that can advise you on different techniques it’s just finding one that works for you, it might help in the interim while you are waiting for some formal help. Goodluck xx

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      Hi Bridget Jones

      Thank you so much for posting about this – I have also been having times where I forgot how to swallow and its been really bothering me. I didn’t think to relate it to the times where I was strangled – but it makes sense now.

      It is the oddest feeling isn’t it? Guess I need to get myself back for some counselling.

      Hope your ok


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      Thank you all of you, it is the strangest and most frightening feeling for me, I could be drinking a cuppa and have no problem, then all of a sudden, I try to swallow the next mouthful and I can’t engage the muscles one bit, it lasts for a long time too, so I put my tea down the sink and move on to other things, the worst part is drinking, I avoid food at all cost when this happens, as food can also be a problem at times. I had not experienced any of this in the refuge, nor this constant knot in the throat and the rattling voice either. My own saliva can also make me choke, it happens often.
      It all started with an uncomfortable feeling down near my epiglottis just a few weeks after being strangled, mainly every time I ran, and it progressed to a rattling voice, and choking events that became too regular, also I had to make sure my head was not tilted in the slightest while eating or I would choke for definite.
      I had a procedure done under general anaesthetic to check for cancer, but they found nothing. I had another further test and they noticed I tilt my head at every swallowing movement. I told the consultant at the last minute I had recently been strangled. You should have seen his reaction, but he didn’t ask any questions. When I woke up from the investigative procedure, I had a panic attack, and I remember crying it feels like when my husband strangled me, and I kept saying the same thing over and over again, the nurse called the anaesthetist and they put some more drug in the cannula. My heart rate had gone up and I was panicking among other patients hidden behind curtains. They had to calm me. As I became more aware, I eventually regained control of myself and felt very ashamed.
      All I remember of this dreadful time is his glazed eyes, just his eyes…I felt ready to die. I felt I had no choice but to let it happen, I totally froze. Then my son appeared and my husband let go of my throat. I will never ever forget. The feeling of being ready to let go of your life is a very scary one…

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      The first time it happened to me, Like you it was all in the eyes, I saw pure enjoyment in his. The next thing I know I am slumped up the wall and my eldest son and him are fighting, he had jumped on his back as he had walked in as I had passed out. He said after he was calm that it was the most powerful feeling in the world having someones life literally in his hands. Makes me shudder to even think about it.

      You don’t just get over something like that it takes time. Sending you hugs and really hoping that you get some help soon to stop what is happening to you or at least make it more manageable. x

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