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      This is carrying on from my other post, but I’m feeling mildly more positive, so am starting a new one.
      I an still sorry that I have to post on here about myself without helping anyone else.

      Luckily I saw a nice doctor and she’s made a note and I can go back of I need more time off next week. So going to try to look after myself and rest and then take my next step, probably hand my notice in and start with something temporary from the agency again.

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      hey hun

      Stay strong and positive . hope u feel better x*x

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – that’s good you are feeling better.

      That’s great that you have such a supportive doctor, that’s so understanding towards your situation, please take advantage of this and have as much time as you feel you need off of work.

      So you haven’t said to that woman you are not going back to that job?
      If you can get temping work that will at least give you a bit of breathing space.

      In the mean time enjoy the rest and look after yourself. x*X

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Eve

      So proud of you getting some help its not easy when your in a low place.

      This is a big step to a better future, let us know how your doing.

      FS xx

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      Good for you eve you deserve it rest up and take it easy enjoy the peace
      Big hugs xx

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      mixed-up mum

      Hi Eve – how are you today?

      I know how you feel – I feel so guilty too that I always seem to be the one ASKING for help, rather than GIVING help to others.

      I’m just not good at giving advice, I never know what to say, I find it hard enough to try and solve my own problems – and never seem to know what to advise others.

      I wish I could be of more help to more of you ladies on here……maybe one day I will be one of the ‘stronger ones’ – who seem to know what to say and do – I hope so.

      Love to you all – and really sorry I’ve not been better at supporting you all. x*x

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      Hi Mixed up Mum

      I just typed a long reply to you on my phone and then with one swipe list it!!!! Aaagh!
      Anyway basically I said I don’t think we really need to feel guilty for not being able to give advice, we’re caring people which makes us feel we should. But you reply quite often to posts and you tell your story which means people can identify with you. You understand, even if you feel you can’t advise. I’m often not comfortable putting myself forward to give advise, I always Ferrell that someone knows better, especially when things are difficult for me.
      For me, the boss gave me one weeks notice today when I rang in sick again! Before I had chance to make that move myself! It’s OK, as I don’t have to work it. She told me she couldn’t run a business with this unreliability! She said I didn’t have to work the weak, to let her know, and when I rang back to day I wasn’t working it, I said I’m sorry it didn’t work out, best of luck, and she said me too, take care. Somehow that made me feel a bit better. I isn’t want her to be angry with me, old habits! I feel really shattered now, I think it’s a bit of s shock still. I emailed a friend about it, don’t know why cos she can be a but unsympathetic, but she said at least no one can day you packed it in. I’m going to try to do some things to make me feel healthier and certainly sleep, so I’m ready to job hunt again. Fighting off the feeling that I’m useless and no one wants me. I think the hard thing about working can be the social side.
      It’s a shame my daughter’s at her Dad’s this weekend, cos that means I’ll be on my own a bit, unless I take a day to go and see Mum, though that downy always make me feel great, as I’ve said.
      But really, I’m very glad for your presence on here. You make me feel remembered about and sometimes that’s a huge help.
      How’s your sleeping? Hope things are ok for you

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        mixed-up mum

        Hi Eve – thank you for taking the time to reply – as always lovely to hear from you.

        I do feel so guilty that I can’t offer the ladies on here good constructive advice. I can try and understand, and I can sympathise, but that’s all I seem to be able to do – and I wish I could do more. 🙁 🙁 🙁

        Oh how true you are – I feel EXACTLY the same as you – you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!
        I too don’t feel comfortable giving advice – and also always feel others will know better what to say/do.
        It’s especially hard too when we also are going through a hard time – I often don’t feel well enough equipped to deal with others troubles, while struggling with my own……

        Oh well in a sense it’s worked out for you too, you didn’t have to quit the job after all, she ‘let you go’ – and she was ‘reasonably ‘nice’ in the end!!!!

        Good for you for trying to keep upbeat and positive about the situation – and trying to fend off those ‘unhelpful’ feelings that can creep in.

        Try and do something nice that you enjoy today – spoil yourself a bit – or see if you can get a friend/friends over – just so you are not alone – I know how hard it is when you are on your own, and your friends are all in relationships and have families and things to do at weekends – you don’t like to keep asking them for company when they are busy, but it would be so nice to have a laugh and a chat and relax with friends.

        Or you could go and see your mam indeed (can you get there and back in a day??) I know its hard for you to go there and see how things are – but would it be possible to have some time on your own with your mam – a run out in the car, a short walk, a cuppa in a cafe – anything just to have some alone time with her.

        If all else fails – DONT BE ALONE – we are always here for you – you know that. 🙂 🙂 🙂

        Hope to hear soon how you are doing today.

        Love Mixed-up Mum x*x

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