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      I’ve realised lately that I have longer and more in-depth conversations with my pets than I do with any other human beings day to day.. Is this a trauma response do you think? I’m actively avoiding human interaction at the moment and enjoying mine, and my pets, company instead. Is this a response to the abuse? They’re so calm and happy since he left. They never show any signs of stress anymore, they’re quiet and just so chilled. Its like we’re all just enjoying our space and freedom and calm. Is that weird? Can I wallow in it for a while do you think? Anyone else going to admit to this and help me feel a bit more normal?! x

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      Jedi warrior

      Hi I chat to my pets too very therapeutic it’s not weird and by the sounds of it making you and your pets feel good 😊

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      I completely get this. My neighbour’s cat comes running to see me and sits waiting on the doorstep every day – it’s brought me so much joy these past months when everything else has been almost unbearable. I just sit and talk to him and it makes me feel so better. ❤️

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      Iliketea I spent an icredibly long time on my own with just my my pets attest I got everyone toxic out of my life, it was the best time ever, I think your just content and enjoying not having the stess and disruption around you that abuse brings , enjoy it 😁, it’s understandable that you don’t trust people very well at the moment, in time you can figure out who is deserved of you time and who should be in your life, I know a lot of us have been of the mindset what can ‘i’ bring to the relationship/friendship and how can I make things better when it should be flipped around in a more balanced way?i really believe animals understand more than we give them credit for and they’ve been know to naturally lower blood pressure too, glad your ok though and your at a level of settled🧡💖🧡

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      With my PTSD I was asked if I talked to myself which I did a lot in the beginning. If I’d had a pet I’d definitely have done it too. Nothing wrong with it and I’m sure it feels good. Just keep doing what helps recovery 💕

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      Yes, I talk to my pet all the time as I don’t have much day to day contact with humans. It’s really nice when they nuzzle you for a cuddle and a stroke, or wag their tail when they respond to your words. I agree that pets can and do help us heal from trauma. I think they should be used more in therapy, to help people talk through and process difficult emotions and memories.

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      Great question iliketea. I would guess the answer depends person to person and over time.

      My personal view is that bonds with animals are very healing. Animals are completely non-judgemental, they don’t hold grudges, they don’t have any complicated hidden agendas. I think there’s a huge benefit in talking to an animal, that will respond lovingly and will not invalidate anything you say. It’s the opposite of what our abusers do. I guess if you felt like you could only talk to animals for a long period of time, it could be a sign that the trauma is preventing you from trusting and connecting with others. Maybe for some people talking to animals is a really important step to do before talking to people. I think that anything that makes you feel safe and accepted is a really good thing to do. xxxx

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      Oh yes! Pets love you unconditionally and they don’t say horrible things to you. They just sit and quietly listen whilst they show you lots of love.

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      ladiesand gentlemen

      ME TOO xxxxxx
      I talk to my pets ALL the time xx
      They dont judge or get moody, they just love and want to cuddle(with no consequences)
      I have found since removing my head from him(we live together)that the animals come to me more and are far more relaxed xx
      Keep talking to them its fine, and it brings so much to a sad dangerous situation
      They love it too xoxoxoxo
      Take care ladies and all the pets that love us xoxoxoxoxo

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      Still scared

      Me too always have: always will ;…so normal enjoy they don’t judge ..or lie.. or cheat or take the mickey of Us.. we owe them so much will

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      I really miss my dog, couldn’t bring him with me as landlord said no. If ever I have my own place, I’ll look into getting a cat… life goals…

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