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      I read something on here earlier and my mind has started running again. I got tested for STI’s a while ago now but they weren’t able to test me for HIV due to covid. I haven’t been feeling 100% recently and I put my symptoms into Google and HIV came up. My ex was sleeping around with a number of women and I’m so scared. I’m trying to deal with everything else and this is added on top. I need to get tested but I cant find any details on how to and I dont have the info from before, I dont even know if this service has started up again yet.

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      Sorry you have to go through this, I always suggest to people never to Google symptoms because you always get the worst things coming up!
      But my sister recently did a postal testing kit, that even had a blood hiv test included. You should have a local sexual health clinic that should do it?
      Sending love x*x

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      I never usually do but struggling to get an appointment with the doctors. I have googled the sexual health clinic and I will phone tomorrow and will see if they are running with all services available. Thank you for your reply

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      I don’t feel like I can offer you much advice, I’m sorry Daff, but I’m sending you a virtual hug anyway. My GP surgery is extremely difficult to get hold of at the moment as well. Hopefully you’ll be able to get hold of yours or the clinic tomorrow to get an appointment booked in x*x

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      Hi lovely – I was unfortunately given an STD off my parter. I asked him on numerous occasions if he had slept with anyone else as I was experiencing a lot of bleeding in between cycle, after intercourse etc, pain that would reduce me to tears… He lied and lied until the GP pulled me in for an early smear in fear it was cervical cancer – I had to find out that my ex partner had been unfaithful by receiving a text with a positive result – heartbreaking!

      The moral of the story – when you’re mind is telling you that something isn’t right, get it checked out, for your peace of mind and health!

      Unfortunately I’ve also found that a vast majority of survivors or ladies who have been/ are in abusive relationships tend to over think… A lot! There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just because we’re constantly questioning our own reality.

      I hope that everything is ok for you, try not to google, seek the help that you need to put your mind as ease!

      If you have no luck with the gp and sexual health clinic, id suggest calling 111, explain your circumstance and concerns.

      Sending lots of hugs to you xx

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