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      Have you ever watched that film, and thought that poor Josephine could be you…?

      The way she appears when she goes to visit the chocolate shop owner, very nervous, full of innuendos, her body language seemingly bizarre…That’s what I must have looked like when the SS came to see me at one stage. You don’t know who to trust, you know you sound and appear as if you were having a breakdown or as if you were simply mad…

      I can read all the suffering in that film, I can analyse the emptiness of her alcoholic wife-beating husband and the beliefs that women are there to cook, clean and have sex and serve the husband all day long (all night long too!)…

      All that Josephine wants is happiness and friendship, and she finds a friend when the so called Devil woman settles in that village Flavigny-sur-Ozerain…

      Take time to watch the film with wide open eyes and see if you can compare yourself to Josephine. I can.

      The whole of my emotions are still enhanced, exaggerated, overwhelming, I trust anyone with my stories, I tell them to anyone, diplomacy and discretion don’t work for me. That’s because all I want is for SS and the Police to agree with me, to see what I see, to simply be on my side. I can’t shut my feelings in my brain, in my heart, I feel betrayed out of life and its delights.

      Josephine is me, Josephine is looking forward to the future when Juliette Binoche gives her a job, and teaches her to be independent. Josephine simply needs to be herself. That’s what I want, to be myself, all day, all night, free to voice my thoughts, my feelings, my desires, my pain, my happiness, anything! I want to feel free to voice my opinion and to know it matters. I want to trust the person I live with and to feel appreciated.

      In abusive relationships, it all works the wrong way, and you become the scared, voiceless, mad and crazy looking Josephine. And almost no one listens to find out what is wrong. No one understands.

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      I have seen that movie a while ago. I have to watch it again. For years I cannot pay attention to movies. Before he used to terrorize me and destroy my attention, now I usually read something whilst watching the movie …
      I know how your emotional state is whilst you are being institutionally abused. I can relate to this. x*x

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      What I came to detest was my ex’s control.

      He wanted to veto my thoughts, beliefs, he it’s, daily routine, dreams, morals, life purpose….

      I was Josephine too.

      My ex was younger than me and his outward appearance was of one laid back, with it, but he was a dictator in disguise.

      Their view of women is outdated and defunct.

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