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      I’ve had were my abuser to rely on how shocking is that? This is why he’s preyed on me as I have it difficult I’m tired and drained and can’t do it anymore today’s been shocking hope tomorrow is better hope life’s not going to be like this forever x

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      awww big hugs hun hope you are ok x*x

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      Tomorrow will be better better days.
      Realising how he operates and getting angry makes you stronger.
      And every new realisation builds the armour that will stop him hurting you.
      Youre moving forward and it’s hard but you’re doing it you are strong. Xx

      Keep posting here you will get lots of support.

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      Better Fays:

      I have had a huge awakening.

      In my family of origin ( childhood), I invested so much care and loyalty.

      I was there as everyone’s rock. When my parents divorced, I became anorexic, because for some stupid reason, I blamed myself.

      However, when I myself experienced a crisis in my adulthood, some of this family were downright abusive.

      I have had a rude awakening. I was a giver: I thought life was all about giving. At the expense of yourself and your dreams.

      Now I realise, you must never forsake yourself or your dreams. Life isn’t just about giving. It’s about being yourself too. Enjoying who you truly are.

      I think like me, you had a family who didn’t recognise your individuality, just used you fir your giving nature. So you found a partner like that too.

      But people like you, who raise children with special needs without even complaining, are the heroes of our do jets and society’s backbone. You have more honour about you than any of these toffee-nosed politicians.

      Yes, your abuser was all you had to turn to, because you have continued in your childhood pattern of thinking that family can and should dictate to you and take all your time and attention.

      In fact, you are an amazing individual with your own hopes and dreams. You only have an average of 80 years on this earth to live them. Live them now. Your worth dies t depend in your family”s approval.

      We can be born into a family who are controlling, or where no one telly ‘gets’ us. The world out there may be the place where we reach our potential. We may need to leave family behind.

      Your abuser has controlled you, and your family are trying to control you. This is common with victims of abuse.

      Yet you are a person in your own right. You are the mother of your children, you can make decisions.You don’t need approval.


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      Sorry for my typing errors.

      I meant:

      Better Days!

      Heroes of our society

      Your worth doesn’t depend on your family’s approval

      Where no one really ‘gets you.’

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