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      When I was at my lowest a cat turned up at my back door. It miauwed at me and respectfully sat at the entrance, waiting for me to come out. The door was closed and I did not want to step out. The sun was shining but I had no intention of getting out. The cat kept making noises until I went to the back door and opened it. The way this animal looked at me stroke a cord. Suddenly tears came into my eyes. I do not know when I had cried the last time. I sat down in the garden, crying and the cat came so close to me and did not go away. I do not know how many hours I sat there, with the cat so close. It was dark when he left.
      When I got back in the house I could not understand what had happened.
      The cat came every day. I bought food for him and every time he comes he gets food now. He spends many hours with me, lying close by me, dancing around my legs. He loves sitting in the garden with me. He would not leave me for hours.
      The way he looks at me has changed. The big concern has left his eyes. Now it is a happy look that he gives me when he comes.
      This afternoon he spent hours with me again. He watched what I did and followed me everywhere. It feels as if he takes care of me.
      I was confused when I found out that he is a boy. I never wanted to have any male being around me in my private life. The next thing that really bothers me is the way he looks. He reminds me so strongly of a name I gave the abuser when I was deeply in love with him.
      I cannot understand why this cat came into my life. He wants to move in here and I am not prepared for a cat. There is something psychic about this animal.
      I was always a dog person, never spent much time with cats.
      He does not seem to leave me. He watches me so thoroughly, it astonishes me.
      I do not know where he usually lives nor how old he is. He seems to be middle aged.
      It feels as if my ancestors have sent him to watch over me. He made me smile again.

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      lover of no contact


      Thank you for your story. I was just reading someone else’s’ thoughts about a Higher Power. It said that this “Power is a presence that loves me as I am, that accepts me with compassion on the bad days as well as the good. Once I have accepted that the destructive presence of another’s abusive behaviour has affected my life, I need the benevolent influence of a Power untouched by this abuse. ”

      The person talked about being “receptive to the Care of a Power greater than myself. I think of this care as a source of love and support that surrounds me in my daily life. I do not need to earn or work for it; I need only be receptive to it.”

      Your story reminds me that I am not alone. That Someone is looking out for me and if I am receptive, I will notice it.

      Your cat is that someone for you to remind you of these things.

      We are lucky to be receptive and aware.

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      What a beautiful story of the cat, so glad he was sent to rescue you, I had been praying for you and belive this may have been of God. So glad the cat came to you xx

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      This is a wonderful story, it’s happening right now, a Higher Power is near you, to watch over you.

      At Al Anon, we learn about the Higher Power. Ancestors, angels, Jesus, Marie, whoever and whatever it is.

      My Higher Power is series of coincidences bringing new people in my life. I believe your chance has come to visit you and take care of your happiness levels via this lovely cats.

      Cats can sense things we can’t. Feed him, take care of him and talk to him, show him the flowers in your garden, maybe he will sit on your lap.

      A blessing.

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      My beloved older cat died shortly after my ex left.

      I thought I was taking her to have medicine. Instead, I had to leave her there, since I was told it was kinder to put her down.

      My kids couldn’t bear not having just one, not two cats. A friend of mine told me that she had kittens. We went to look at them.

      My son chose one of the kittens, but this one ended up being sold, so we took the last one.

      He is a naughty little minx, but his antics have livened up the house.

      I didn’t choose his name, my friend did, but it is noteworthy that his name literally means new beginning. It was even stranger to me, as I found out, that he was actually born on the exact day that my horrible ex went.

      A bit of a coincidence?!

      I am glad that this animal has given you such comfort. Xx

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