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    I am feeling so hopeless. Everything is so much worse at night. I have reverted from feeling strong enough to do this to feeling things will never change. I am stuck here for ever. 😞

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    It may feel like that now but from what I have learnt from others it will get better. I am still with mine but know how I struggle day to day so don’t expect to be happier straight away if I ever find the courage to walk away from him.
    I hope you find peace soon xx

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    Things will get better if you’re away from your abuser. I promise you that. I’ve been where you are. I know you absolutely don’t think things will ever change. You can’t see an end to feeling this way but it happens. It took me a long time to recover and it’s a real roller coaster and yes I still have bad days when I can be overwhelmed but you learn to cope and embrace new good things in life. You go from thinking one bad thought to another, to thinking one good thought to another. You need time to grieve and heal and there are no real short cuts because it’s a necessary process to come out the other side healthier and wiser. So meantime be very kind to yourself. Night times were the worse for me for quite a while. I slept with the light on, a radio on low, until I slowly used night lights and managed no background noise. I would ring the Samaritans just to hear a friendly voice during the night. So think about what resources can help you. Counselling, GP, women’s aid, mindfulness, meditation, more exercise to help you sleep better. Regular bedtimes. Limit the added stress in your life and limit the tasks you set yourself to easily achievable ones x

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    I am still with him. That’s the problem. And I can’t see that I’ll ever get away. I feel trapped. And hopeless. Everything is so complicated. I just can’t see life beyond this. The forces against me are so strong.

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    Hi Lottieblue,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so low at the moment. It’s never easy to leave an abusive relationship for so many different reasons; both practical and emotional reasons. It’s completely understandable you’re feeling so trapped and overwhelmed right now.

    Please do keep reaching out for support with this and keep posting to let us know how you’re getting on,


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    Sorry ur having a bad time. Im experiencing something simular. I dont just feel, i am trapped. Also complicated.
    I know ill feel stronger once im free of him. Took the away recently for a weekend. It was fantastic. Peaceful. Absolute bliss. Best few days ive gad in a long time. Felt like i cou ld finally breathe.
    You may feel things are strongly against you but you are stronger than you think. Just being able to admit this is happening to you and coming onto this site to share is a very big step. One that takes strength.
    You will get stronger X

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