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      We’ve spent years together with this on off cr*p. He’s promised me the world… Gotten annoyed over something and left, spent days telling me I’m horrible, impossible, mental unstable (which I admit I am now but I wasn’t always this way). Then he’l come back saying he’s sorry and can’t live without me. Last year we got back together for what I believed was going to be forever. I gave birth to our child, we paid the deposit on the wedding venu and spent allot of money over Xmas and doing up the house. Then suddenly he leaves me. Now he’s back again suggesting couples counciling!!!!! Whhhhhaaaaa!
      I don’t need couples counciling!!!! I was happy even though I put up with far more sh*t than anyone els ever would. I’m broken and destroyed over this but how can he think there would ever be any way back. He literally had it all. I doted on him, the house is lovely, our wedding was planned. My family and friends would never forgive him even if I could. And everyone els just thinks we are a laughing stock. He’s not only wasting my life (which I gather he must enjoy).. But he’s waising his. I have zero self esteem but looks wise- he’s not what he was, he’s shocking with his money and is now living back with his parents and he’s missing out and the precious first weeks of his only child’s life!! He waisting his own life too!! If that’s really genuinely how he gets his kicks then he’s very sad indeed

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      Is it just about having his cake and eating it without the commitment

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Starmoon

      Think you answer this yourself.

      There is logic to all this you just can’t see it because the truth is shocking.

      He wants you to be mad. Then none of this will be his fault. And he will get child. Mine tried to send me over the edge. Luckily in the end I saw the light.

      I would say zero contact to you are strong enough to cope with his stupid cruel games.

      FS xx

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      Your better than him hun, u can do this , call womensaid and speak about your scenario and what support they can offer u, let him waste his life , cancel this wedding if its not already cancel , change locks if his moved out, report yo your gp start logging it in how he behaves

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      Your are so right they are all very sad how they like to get their kicks by abusing us and wanting us to end up messed up over them
      So we need to do the complete opposite and thrive .

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      Falling Skys

      HI Savingmyself

      Yes we need to be the women we deserve to be, I had to learn love myself and find out what I like to do.

      I look at it as an exciting journey, and be kind to yourself Savingmyself you have been living in a war zone.

      FS xx

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