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      Falling Skys

      My first thought it was just one of those things but now I’m not so sure after the weekend when he rammed he rammed something into my leg.

      I went into the shed and fell when I came out. Bruised, in pain but nothing broken. When I went back into the shed there was a meter of dark colour cord by the door impossible to see in the half light. This does smart of his covert abuse, I will have be on alert all the time.

      I did scream out, but no one came to my assistance, I also come home early so I may have ruin a very good plan.

      Part of me thought he had grown board with abusing me but I can see that’s not true.

      Sorry if I have rambled but I’m feeling out of my depth.

      FS 🙁

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      Hi FS,

      You poor thing. It’s getting physical, isn’t it, and setting a trap like that to make you fall…

      I am worried about you FS- please be on your guard at all times. Is there anyone you can report this latest incident to?

      I am pretty sure it is covert abuse. My ex left his ladder slap bang on the middle of the garage, when our fridge was in there and there was no light. I begged him to not leave the ladder there, I was scared of tripping. Of course, I walked into the sharp edge and it sliced my leg open. I had to have stitches. I am sure it was deliberate.

      Please report all that you can and protect yourself as much as possible. X

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      Hi Falling Skys

      Your story reminds me of Bridget jones, the forum member, in the end she had to leave because as the seperation process goes on these men tend to take it out on you eventually physically.

      She went to a refuge eventually

      Do you really think it is absolutely necessary for you to stay in the same home as home?

      How dangerous is he really?

      Here’s a link to Assessing dangerousness in abusive men. My husband scored half way so I think I did the right thing by leaving and going into a refuge.

      Stay safe

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      This does not sound good. Can you take pictures and forward them to the police?
      I also think you would be better off by moving out until everything is over and sorted. Your life is more important than material things. x*x

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      Hey HUn

      Just be on guard as he is changing his tatics

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      Falling Skys

      Dear Ladies

      Thank you so for your opinions, advice and support.

      I will be seeing the police about the first incident tomorrow and I will mention yesterdays occurrence. If the cord is still there tonight I will move to somewhere safe.

      On the way home I will buy a torch so I will be able to see anywhere that dark just in case, also be more aware of physical attacks. I thought he had got board with abusing me, I can see I was being foolish. I will reevaluate my situation all the time.

      FS xx

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