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      Well, as I do not need to look sexy and seducing for anybody anymore I can choose very comfy underwear.
      I love my huge Bridget Jones pants, hahaha!
      They keep me warm and they are sooo comfortable. Also are my bras now really comfy. They look ugly, but who cares. Comfortable underwear is so important. I will never ever wear string tangas in my entire life. I hated them but they were one of his requirements. One step closer to feeling good in my skin ….

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      loving this post Ayanna! 😂
      comfortable underwear IS important! i recently bought some Toy Story and some Star Wars shortie pants! i love em! i dance around in them when i’m getting dressed…don’t need uncomfortable silk lace boring black panties & matching bras anymore. Very happy in my cartoon shorties 😀

      Glad we could share our new love of pants haha!! 😂😂

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      Oh and don’t even get my started on the joy of wearing comfy PJs! and being able to laze around the house in them on well-earned relaxation days! 😀

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      Falling Skys

      Me to I don’t have to be dressed up like a prized turkey for his titillation.

      Here’s to comfy pants 😊

      FS xx

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      White Rose

      Ayanna you’ve done it again and made me smile. I can really identify with this!!
      I used to dread Christmas and birthdays as there’d always be the “sexy undies” one year he bought himself a skimpy pair too (imagine soneone of (detail removed by Moderator) build in a male thong and you’ll get my drift? uuughhhh).
      I now enjoy choosing pants for myself and bras too. They may not be Bridget Jones style but they’re not tarty either just feminine but comfy and I feel good in them not like a prostitute.
      Thanks Nemo for reminding me that I must get some PJs. I was never allowed them as the restricted his access. I used to literally lust after PJs when doing my Christmas shopping as everyone had them on their lists. My turn this year!!
      Happy unsexy pants days ladies x*x

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      Now, now, ladies!
      Hum hum…what is my pseudonym??????

      Grandma knickers I call them! And period pants too! I have them both!

      I have always hated sexy underwear, I like pretty and comfortable knickers, white with a bit of trim, I have always worn things that would not “excite” him…i have done everything in my life to avoid the animal in him and keep my freedom from responding to a mechanical man…6am was always the time…

      Oh those Bridget Jones nickers may have saved me at times and when I hear what some of you have gone through…

      I am just about to do my washing. I will peg my BJ underwear with pride…

      Now come and take a look at his…

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      White Rose, i’m peeing myself at your description, (detail removed by Moderator) in a thong!!!!!!!!! hahaha X*X

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      Good to have a laugh ladies !

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      Mine used to wear thermal long johns tucked into a thermal vest, so no skin was showing, like an old grandad, even when he was in his twenties!

      He was the old cliche and wanted me to wear cheap tat, but I carried on wearing lovely feminine pyjamas, ignoring his whinging about what an old granny I was.

      When I made myself a hot water bottle because he wouldn’t turn on the heating, he ridiculed me for being like an elderly person. Well, now I sleep with one every night- and my boys always ask for one too! x

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      This post made me smile. I am with you on the underwear issue.
      I am free, enjoying single life and you know something if I want to walk around with hairy legs, fake tan all over my duvet or make up on my pillows then I can because that is my choice. No one here to moan or make a full page newspaper article over something so trivial. Happy days. Stay safe ladies. X

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      I am loving not shaving my legs, my ex had a thing that women must not have hairy legs or armpits, at the moment i’ve got both & i love it!!! Talking of body hair, i went out with someone once, he shaved his armpits & pubic hair, it was weird! Also i’m loving not being glamourous & looking like a scruff bag, i’m very comfortable.

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      I absolutely love not having to think or feel guilty before bed.
      I wasn’t allowed to wear pyjamas, or even underwear.
      If I even considered it he would go ballistic and insist I was hiding something.
      There’s nothing better than getting comfy in a big tshirt and pyjama bottoms – it’s the little things that get me through every single day!

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      Wait till you ladies hear this!

      Because I grew up somewhere hot, I only like sleeping in my pants. I was a real tomboy and my boobs were small A cup. So no bras.

      He wanted me to wear layers of clothing to bed even though we are both giving off body heat and an extremely warm duvet.

      So whatever you are most comfortable in, the abuser hates.

      I’m one who would do housework in my underwear and I would be insulted and forced to cover up.

      I have a fairly high sex drive so I wasn’t afraid of him wanting sex. However like a typical abuser, reject my advances just before bed or when we are having a lie in together but let me be having a nap or in a deep night time sleep then that’s the perfect time for sex so let’s wake me up. I absolutely hate being woken up.

      Whatever you like, they find the opposite. Whatever you hate, they perpetuate.

      I like my M&S plain white or plain black bikini knickers. Thongs just feel like giant wedgies to me and what about bum hair getting trapped in the elastic down there ouch.

      I like full coverage on my bum but shorts never seem to fit right. No way I’m wearing control pants unless absolutely necessary. Too much material I feel hot. Too little and I feel like I need to pull things out of places and constantly adjust.

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