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      Firstly, I hope I am allowed to ask these questions Lisa. Without going into any detail, do any of you have any experience with the police, CPS and charging? I would like to know the time scales…
      I seem to be waiting for ages for them to make a decision about whether to charge. I know the police are overloaded and they have been really supportive but there doesn’t seem to be an end to it all. I feel that I cannot get ‘closure’ until certain decisions are made.



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      For me. The night he assaulted me he was arrested and charged. When he broke his bail the second time it took a couple of days for the police to catch up with him and charge him. Don’t know if this helps you?

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      The police can only charge a suspect when they have gathered enough evidence. Obviously depending on what the circumstances are there are all sorts of things they may be waiting for. For example, medical records, cctv, supporting statements, phone records etc.

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      Can anyone help? Time my abusive ex Partner is taking me to court as I have an injunction out on him and he wants to come into my property to collect his things with his brother and the police. I’m petrified of this man he makes me feel physically sick and it brings on panic attacks at just the thought of seeing him. Does anyone know how this works will (removed by moderator) and will I have to let him in my home I font care who collects his things as long as its not him….any advise

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      Sorry Nor82, I don’t know.I think I would argue that you fear him too much and find it invasive if he comes into your property. Try and give a compromise – a third party plus the police come in and get the things he lists and you agree on.

      Thanks Winterblues2 and Hopesprings; His bail has been extended twice now while they carry on gathering evidence. They are looking at several different crimes. Luckily, this does mean that I have not seen him for months as he is too scared (in my opinion) to break bail conditions. x

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      Thanks katielove, I’m willing for anyone to collect his things just not him. He actually walked past me in our local shopping centre and laughed at me as I walked on the sight of him makes my skin crawl. I hope your situation gets better for you my ex got a caution because he admitted to being violent for criminal damage on my property they called it goodwill character makes me sick! But then they are good a making themself look good! X

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      Nor82 I was in a similar situation. The police called me and said they come with him so that he can take things from the marital home. I was deeply traumatised at that time. I said that they needed to protect me, then he could pick up his things. We arranged a time and the police came with him. I had packed my most valuable things/ documents in a small bag so that he could not steal them and took them with me when the police told me to leave the flat and sit in the police car whilst he removed his things from the marital home.
      Now I would react differently. I would not let this happen. I would say that they need to give me a list of things that he wants to have and I put them outside for him to collect. I would not allow him inside the home. And whomever he brings with him, I would never allow that person to enter the marital home.

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      katielove, the police takes their time. My abuser broke bail conditions several times with no consequences. For the first reported assault, it took them at least six weeks before I was told it would go to court.

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      Nor82 hi. I really really wouldn’t let him in. I did let this happen the police supervised him and were great with me. I thought I had emtied the property of everything important. But not of everything personal which I have now lost forever! You are bound to forget something or not even think of something till its gone. It’s just a game to them he took nothing much of his at all. I will regret this forever. Get a list of what he wants leave it outside for a time period for someone to collect so there is no contact with you arrange via email stay reasonable and keep a paper trail. X*x

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