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      Hi, im currently dealing with abuse from my adult brother who has been physically and verbally abusive towards me. He has held a knife to my throat and threatened to kill me on two separate occasions. I never bothered to report it because of obvious safety reasons the police have reputation for doing nothing!. This incident happened about (detail removed by Moderator) years ago.i never bothered to note the date because I honestly thought I would’ve killed before then. He now tries to pretend to care and say he’s “changed” and it’s in the “past” yet continue with the controlling behaviour the provocation and gaslighting. he claims to be a Christian and uses it as an excuse for his abusive and sexist behaviour. He uses my mother to get through me because I hate it and refuse to speak to him. He now uses the excuse that because I’m not as social with anyone to claim I’m mentally insane and they’ve been insisting to the police and mental health workers I get sectioned!. He said to my mum if I don’t become a Christian I should be kicked out. He’s manipulated her and others into believing I’m bad and abusive even though I have never hit anyone in my life! I’m not an argumented person it’s not in my nature to be. Both him and my mother are using kicking me out the house as a control tactic. I don’t trust any of her relatives they are flying monkeys that gaslight me and flip the blame on me. He is violent arrogant and extremely sexist. Believe that he’s the “man” of the house yet he’s unemployed and has no qualifications I don’t even think he has GCSEs but he will forever call me stupid and ignorant. my mum is emotionally neglectful and aways says I’m mentally ill even though she has psychosis.she lies about me and has falsely reported me missing even though I was out for a few minutes theyve removed my coping mechanisms (detail removed by Moderator). They’re trying to control my life. She keeps threatening me out and she tried to have me arrested (detail removed by Moderator)!. I wish sibling abuse was talked about more!!. Sibling “rivarly” is NOT “cute” I’m sick of male childrens violent behaviour being excused!!!. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!. I have negligent “family” who I strongly dislike. On top of that the neighbours sons are also abusive to me!. But I’m the “crazy” one! I’m sick of this.

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      It all sounds horrendous. It there any way you can move out. Perhaps rent a room somewhere or even a refuge. Please ring the police of you feel scared. The whole environment sounds toxic x

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        Yes I was also going to suggest moving out KIP.

        If you’ve got a job and you can save up a bit for a deposit on a room and your first month’s rent then I would strongly suggest this is your best option. All your healing can be done after you move but getting out of this toxic nasty home is a priority.

        I don’t know how old you are and please don’t reveal your age on the forum as we don’t use identifying information for our own safety. But if you are young, there will be avenues open to you for re-housing via certain young people’s schemes. It would be worth contacting Social Services and your council and any outreach programmes in your area for people of your age if you fit this age range.

        I’m so sorry to hear how you are being treated. We can’t choose our family but we can choose our friends. When you get out of there you’ll also be able to choose how you want to live. Stay strong x

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        Thanks you

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        Thank you I appreciate your comment.

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      Your brother sounds very dominant and dangerous. You entire family seems to have positioned you as scapegoat to abuse freely. You do not have to suffer abuse at the hands of your sibling, your family.
      Thank goodness you are seeing clearly through the behaviour of them all and are able to recognise it as abusive. You are very strong and intelligent 💪

      Please contact Women’s Aid and get yourself to safety. You can go to a refuge and take further steps from there, with support. You don’t have to do any of this alone. Once you are safe you can continue living your life as you are supposed to, safe and free and look forward to a positive safe future.

      If you question the support of the police in reporting your brother you can contact Victim Support to back you up and report his crimes. Putting a knife to your throat and threatening to kill you is highly dangerous, you are at high risk. Even if it happened years ago. Abuse always gets worse not better. Who knows what he decides to do next. Don’t be there to find out.

      Well done to have reached out in the first place 💪💕
      Please be safe and keep posting honey.

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      You have a lot of courage and you are indeed very smart.
      I hope I can bring you some comfort.
      My story is very simular to yours. Ive been abused by my brother for (detail removed by Moderator) years growing up. Nobody believed or saw me and I was the black sheep. I got out though and it was the best choise of my life. You get to have a life of your own my dear. You can make it exactly how you want it to be. Its not easy, there will be scars left nobody else can see. And the hurt will come out when you wont expect it. But you will also be happier than you could ever imagine and see beauty in things others cant. Everybody has a different story to wright. Trust that its possible for you to be free.
      You are heard, and Im rooting for you to kick this worlds a*s!

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