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    He left (detail removed by moderator) ago and I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t sleep because I think he is going to be outside (but now he’s probably on to the next women). The shelf fell down in my hallway last night and I though he was banging on the door again.

    I am seeing a solicitor next week but hes (detail removed by moderator) this weekend and social services have allowed him supervised contact. I know the children want to see him but I know hes going to start speaking to them and twisting it all round. I don’t really get what the out come will be, I have people coming to check on me because of him and I feel so at fault. He can put his hand round my neck and try to push me downstairs etc etc. and I’ve still got to see his family so I can let him have contact.

    Trying to hold it together but failing today x

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    Hi there, supervised access is good, he’ll not be able to manipulate the children the same. I’m sure notes will be taken if it’s done through social services, but I’ve not dealt with this part of abuse so maybe someone else will be able to put your mind at rest here. No one can force you to deal with him or his family. Let all of his behaviour known, let whoever you speak to know how scared you are of him and how you’re so frightened of what he could do or say to the children. There is no co-parenting with an abuser, they will use that contact with them to abuse you further😔
    Take care, keep reaching out and learning from others posts, knowledge is power.

    IWMB 💕💕

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    Having his family do the handover or supervised access won’t work. He will twist this to his gain. I’d see how it goes as ss have arranged it. I would strongly advice keeping a journal of what was said (are your kids old enough to say ) obviously without quizzing them. If they show signs of acting out, bed wetting, anxiety, keep that logged. Document with gp as well as ss. If your not happy with how contact is going for your kids. It’s maybe time to get a contact centre in place, with supervised access. A court order to make that mandatory might be needed with restrictions on what he can say to them about you. They use child contact to undermine your mother child bond. Please don’t let that happen to you. Best of luck diy ☺💕💕

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