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      I had a message (detail removed by moderator) to say that my ex husband has been sent screen shots showing that I am on facebook and that he wants all the jewellery he brought me while we were together back because now ive gone back on there he is done with me ! I said we are not together I ended the relationship because of his mental abuse so if im on facebook now catching up with friends and family again what has that got to do with him ? (detail) he is devasted and hurt and feels that being on there makes it final in his head. At first I felt defensive as he is still trying to control me but then I felt guilty being on there so deactivated my account and now I just feel confused am I wrong and should I give back the jewellery ?

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      No you shouldn’t and also you should reactivate fb
      You owe him nothing and do not deserve to have to restrict your life to save his feelings. You have not wronged him by leaving he wronged you by making you need to leave.
      If he doesn’t wish to see you on there because it’s painful he can block you or better still you can block him.

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      I was so nervous about gong back on there because of him so I literally only have my friends and family and my account is closed to public I had blocked him and his family etc so that I wasn’t being watched I don’t know how he knows, he makes out facebook is sexbook but I wouldn’t ever use it for that I just wanted to build bridges with my friends and family that I lost touch with and the jewellery was always given to me after a massive fallouts so (detail removed by moderator) even though I used to say I don’t want his gifts I just wanted to be treated right because I know he always wants everything back as soon as things go wrong and now he is acting like the victim i’m so sick of it 🙁 xx

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      Hi there. He wants a reaction from you. Any reaction will do. Don’t give him the satisfaction and read up on the no contact rules. They saved my sanity and probably ended his ability to abuse me❤️

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      Falling Skys


      If you enjoy fb you do it.

      He is just trying to control you ignore him he’s not worth it. Please don’t worry or get up set. It says more about what he would do on fb than you.

      Enjoy connecting with your family and friends again.

      FS xx

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      Hi Hun

      Dont know why my first reply never came on here, but was just saying ignore him totally, wants a reaction out of u, stay on face book, go public, just block him and his family

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      I agree with the others. Reactivity your account. Just be careful about your security settings, even if you block someone if your settings aren’t right then comments/likes from mutual friends will bring your stuff up on his news feed.

      I opened a new account just to be sure.

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