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      My ex has involved our son to get me to stop proceedings against him. If I proceed he says he will take his dad’s side! He even let my son read the writ. How dare he come round here with his threats. So gutted that my ex would use him in this way. My sons mouth was moving but my husbands words were coming out. Even asked where I was getting the money for it!

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      This is nasty. It is for sure difficult for him to see his parents caught up in legal fights.
      Does he live with you?
      What difference does it make for the court proceedings whether he backs his dad or not? Is he a witness?
      Do not tell him what you do and carry on with what you think is right.
      Does he have any idea about the abuse you suffered? Maybe you should enlighten him at the right moment. x*x

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      Peaceful Pig

      Hi KIP, Wow, they are unbelievable the levels they will stoop to. I agree, keep calm, keep quiet. Refuse to involve your son in this in any way. He needs you to stay the safe parent whatever his age. Your son will realise which feels better in the end and he’ll have more respect for you and other women. My counsellor was saying this week about our children needing to understand that actions have consequences. Keep going and stay strong x*x

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      Hi, yes he knows about the abuse but minimises it. He has his own place. Funded by my ex. Im trying to protect myself through the court. His dad has twisted things to suit him. It won’t matter if he takes his dad’s side in court as I have enough evidence. Just so sad he’s involved our son. I shouldn’t be surprised really. He let him read the writ full of sexual abuse etc. How very sick of him. Such lowlife☹️

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      Say little, continue to stand up for the truth.

      Your son is being manipulated in a big way. Your ex is so furious that you stood up to him, that he is upping his game and doing all he can to wreck your relationship with your son, but he can’t sustain it forever. He will slip up at some point and reveal his nasty side to your son, and your son will have had to have gone through a nasty learning experience.

      Your ex would love you to be wrecked by this latest episode. But be the graceful swan. Knowledge is power. Go ahead and do all you need to do to protect yourself and live a life where he is ejected good and proper. Your son may have a difficult journey ahead of him, but he needs to treat you with respect.

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      Hi Hun hope u feeling bit stronger this morning , hope u and your son managed to have chat , stick to your decision and make your son reflect on his words , I know my son felt he was stuck un between both of us and even though he supported his dad , afterwards when his dad got away he felt so bad , don’t let your son threat make u bk down

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      Falling Skys

      Hi KIP

      My ex is the same, it beggars belief how low these so called men will stoop.

      Stay strong and do what is right for you.

      FS xx

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