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      I think of the time when the police banned him from the marital home….
      I felt so broken, completely numb, not able to think at all.
      All I knew was that I had to move away and cope at work.
      I was stressed out with getting the non molestation order done and finding a place to live. Work gave me hell as soon as they found out what was going on in my private life.
      I had no time to even think of handing in a divorce petition.

      My computer broke down at the same time, the printer suddenly did not work anymore.
      I had huge issues with the internet on the mobile phone. Technological difficulties cut me off from sources of information for weeks.
      I was so silly to be honest.
      He did not know where I moved. As soon as I was out and he moved back he sent me the divorce petition. He sent it to our marital address of course, because he would not know where else to send it. I had a postal redirection of my mail and I received the divorce petition.
      I was in panic, looked for a lawyer. That lawyer was a horrible woman. I only found out when it was too late. She colluded with the abuser’s lawyer behind my back and did not tell me anything about it.
      I had not the faintest idea how to do a divorce and trusted her. I was so busy with other problems and overwhelmed by what I was going through.

      My advice to you: never trust a lawyer.
      I know so much more now.
      They were in it together to abuse me further and take advantage of my vulnerability.

      And also, he was so calculating. He was so fast with everything, whilst I was heartbroken and numb, not able to think, living in a fog for many months.
      He was always ahead of me with his actions. This proofs to me that nothing he has ever done to me was a mishap. It was all done purposefully. He is just a very evil man and manipulator.
      I was never prepared to deal with such a devil.
      It took a few weeks for me to realize the full extent of his heinousness.
      But after I saw the real person that he is I did not miss him anymore. I had no desire to get in contact with him anymore.
      From one second to the other I decided to fight back hard and all emotions I ever had for him died within a moment.
      I did everything to keep him away from me and reported every attempt from him trying to get in touch to the police until he gave up.
      I have never ever missed this monster.
      I am so glad I do not hear his voice any more.
      I never want to see his overinflated self ever again.
      I know that he will never change.
      I am sure he has another woman or already had a few since. He thinks f.. someone is everything in life.
      I hope he is distracted, because I still fear that he will try to take revenge.
      He got away lightly. He had good solicitors who fought hard for him and were paid with taxpayer’s money.
      I, the victim, could not afford a solicitor and was left on my own to fight him.
      I look after myself and I will rise again.
      I will outlive him. When I am 100 years old he will be long dead and I will be the one laughing.

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      Hi Ayanna, it sounds like whatyou went through was horendous, you have my sympathy but like you say you will rise again and who knows karma may pay your ex a visit x

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      Hi Ayanna,

      So much of what you write I could have written….

      He was on the ball and calculating, whilst I was in a fog; suddenly realising who he was , and all my feelings for him dying overnight.

      We are free, dear Ayanna….we are free!!!!!!x*x

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      Yes, Serenity, I need to write this on a piece of paper and read it every morning to make myself aware that I am free 🙂

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