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      as part of my recovery im trying to start volunteering. i was so hurt by recent experience i had. i tried to explain to boss why i was struggling with my volunteering and she was not sympathetic or sensitive. in fact she was really horrible, basically told me i was imagining stuff and that I should get a life. (Errrr im trying?!?! and also i was NOT imagining stuff – wont go into detail but it involved (detail removed by Moderator))

      i wish so much that there was more awareness training in the workplace because sometimes it is not easy returning to work after abusive relationship and there are things that i find difficult (trust, confidence, relating to men etc).

      i have left the volunteering place now. I will not give up I will find other things. Though I do not really know how to explain gaps in CV and anyway dont feel confident enough to apply to lots of places. I hope other people dont have similar experiences.

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      I am glad you left that place. There are lots of women around who are as cruel as the men and who support and promote patriarchy. Look for a place with kind people. Such places exist.
      I was bullied by my manager when he found out what I was going through in my private life. I had to leave my job because he tried to destroy me. Many people in managerial positions should actually be street sweepers. They have no empathy and lack human emotions for their staff. I hope Karma gets to them.

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      Life is so short. I have realised that we can waste so much time near people who are toxic and unkind. Some just lack human empathy, but this is still very destructive.

      It’s good that this is a voluntary job and that you weren’t ( probably?) tied into a contract. So you were able to leave more easily.

      She sounds lacking in human warmth, empathy and on a power trip. Leave her to it. She will fall flat on her face one day.

      Go hunting for pastures new with nice people, where you can feel safe and valued.

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      thank you so much 🙂 never been on a forum before. u taking the trouble to write and be so thoughtful and kind has actually left me a bit speechless. feeling a lot of gratitude right now x

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      P.S Ayanna I am sorry what your went thru with your manager. i hope u are in a better situation now. Serenity: yes great advice i am hunting new pastures now. thanks both hope u having good evening 🙂

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