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    I split up from my husband (detail removed by moderator) this year because he wasn’t treating my son very well. He was threatening violence and smashing his stuff up. He still lived in the same house as us but weren’t together. He talked me back into being with him agaain and promised he wouldn’t do it again. One month later he put his fist through my son’s TV and broke his keyboard for his pc which he had brought himself. I told him that we were not together because if this untill he can change the way he treats my son. I thought that he would change his behaviour but from then on I think he started emotionally abusing me calling me names like the decider because I was deciding to split the family constantly accusing me of messaging other men accusing me of cheating on him with my male friend. Threatening to leave me places that we visited. Threatening to kill himself because he felt so low because I wasn’t with him. Making me show him all my messages through my phone looking through my personal belongings. He has got better and has stopped saying and doing these things now he is being really nice and wants to make a go of it. He has stopped being nasty to my son too. So was it just a rough patch or was it abuse. Do they just stop their confused right now I don’t know what to think did I take it too far going to the police and trying to take the children to my moms.

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    The fact you say you’re confused says a lot I think.

    I believe what you’ve written is a abusive relationship. It’s sounds like he’s tried to grind you down and now he’s love bombing you.

    Trust your gut. There’s a reason you found this forum for support.

    Keep posting xx

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    Hi minimrs you’re confused because that is exactly his aim. To make you question your own reality. It’s abuse. It’s a rare abuser who “gets better” I’m afraid. You and your son would be better away from this man. Xx

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