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      Princess Warrior

      I’m a Newbie to the forum. I was beat severely by my ex partner between (detail removed by moderator), literally started (detail removed by moderator) after a double mastectomy.

      He had everyone fooled, family, friends but I was too scared to tell them. I had broken ribs, cracked head open, countless black eyes, head though a wall, kicked repeatedly, hit with a (detail removed by moderator) over and over, strangled and then suffocated with a pillow.

      (detail removed by moderator): he was arrested and the truth come out. I owe my life to the one person i confided in for keep safe photos and evidence incase I never made it alive. I was even saying goodbye to my two sons when I started to go limp.

      (detail removed by moderator): I saw the whole thing through to court (detail removed by moderator) the day after my (detail removed by moderator). He was sentenced with three years and that was it!

      I suffer nightmares that are so real I wake wiping blood from my face, or wetting the Ned from being strangled and worse.

      (detail removed by moderator):I receive a letter saying (detail removed by moderator) is half his sentence but he could be released under licence as early as (detail removed by moderator).

      It’s like it never ends.

      To everyone else in my family circle the day he was sentenced it was all over. How little the knew.

      (detail removed by moderator): I was in hospital due to illness for a month, I was having therapy for the ptsd from the domestic violence. During my stay I was discharged by my therapist due to wrong environment. My nightmares woke the ward night after night.

      (detail removed by moderator). I get another update from victim liaison officer. I’m now trying to get therapy again as I wet the bed two days ago from another revisited strangled real so so real nightmare. Ontop of that as he abused me so close after a double mastectomy I know have a lump forming behind the one thing I kept my nipples and it hurts and confirmed caused by trauma.

      I try to be strong and not frail or worried scared of own shadow, or talk about how I feel as don’t want to be a burden as everyone else I should have moved on. If only they knew!

      I do believe I will beat this. Everything he has done. But what’s sad is that he will be free from prison whilst I’m
      Still suffering!!!!!

      What a year hey!

      Princess warrior x*x

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      Hey princess warrior – welcome! You will find support here x I’m so sorry to read what you have been through and yes the injustice is so massive – his sentence can never be sufficient for what he put you through. It was so wrong what you experienced and a trauma response is normal. I understand that when others around you think you should be over it they don’t have a clue! It sounds sensible to get therapy and support to help you process this – and it’s normal to have bad days and I hate the nightmares ! Always remember you are such a brave warrior to survive this ! X

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        Princess Warrior

        I’ve just smiled massively, thank
        You so so much for your response and wise words.
        And identifying with me.
        My friend who saved my life then, sent me this link tonight and again she has helped more than she will realise.

        I look forward to being part of this community and family.

        Thank you again so much x

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      There are some real angels about aren’t there – my SW is one and a couple of others – they saved my life and my kids. Pleased you smiled – I hope your freedom will in time mean a whole lot more smiles – it’s early days be gentle on yourself x

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        Princess Warrior

        Thank you so much. I have sons, one I’ve not seen since (detail removed by moderator) and when my worst injuries were visible that I encountered.
        I tried to protect them both On how I was getting injured and so said falls and slips etc. Especially so close after them seeing me in guys hospital breast ward for two weeks after complications with my double mastectomy.

        However his dad took it upon himself to tell him that my injuries were by mummy’s partner and was all used against me.

        I know as long as I have been everyday sending a good morning angel, and a goodnight angel message with mainly non responses the. I’m not letting him down.

        Life hey.

        I always believe in PMA positive mental attitude. But wow it like to test doesn’t it. Lol x

        Thanks for chatting watersprite xxxx

        I hope you are well, and I hope this forum helps as you have been amazing and welcoming already.

        Strong women we all are. And you seem very strong, and I hope you are through most of it if not all of it xxxxx

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      What you’ve been through is horrific. You’re a true survivor. This forum is excellent, I’ve not been here too long but it’s great. I’m sure you will find it very helpful xx

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        Princess Warrior

        Honestly thank you for your words and time responding. It means so much.

        I want to show my sons no matter the challenge we can always get back up and be stronger and learn.

        It’s hard, so hard whilst still suffering mentally and body just zapped at times and hard to explain to others why with a dull excuse instead of the truth.

        Really thank you again and I hope you are getting stronger and it’s great to hear how this forum and speaking to others who understand helps and even how you have just spoken to me. It’s clear it’s even helped you a lot.

        I wish you strength abs happiness.

        PW x*x

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      [email protected]

      I agree with gettingtired! It’s amazing that we can read others responses and not feel so alone. We can resonate with survivors on a level that perhaps someone who has not experienced what we have, can’t. Even a few words can make your day.
      I’m so glad I have joined xx

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        Princess Warrior


        Thank you so much for firstly reading my post and secondly replying. Each reply makes you feel even more supported and in a right circle

        Thank you so much and I hope you are also ok and moving forward xx


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