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    Hi, having a bit of a difficult time again. I stopped recording things because everything seemed much better and I thought maybe I had just been over reacting however today something happened which just triggered my distress and as always, in the moment I am leaving him. I think I’m going to pack my things, take my daughter and go,even just for a while as I need a break. But I never do it. Why dont I? What is it going to take? I just find it so hard to think clearly ever. Just to add, my husband is not physically violent towards me but he is vicious with temperament and coercive and manipulative. Today he shouted at me nastily in public in front of others (not the first time.) I was very upset but as usual, his reaction was my fault because I’m too moody. I just need a little perspective and some help. Yet again I just dont know whether it’s me,him,both of us? Forever confused.

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    It’s him.

    It took ten arrests for me to eventually make a statement against my ex and refuse to allow him home. It isn’t easy. We all know that. It’s what they do. But by joining this forum, you have your first foot on the ladder. It’s where I started and eventually I found the courage I needed. You will too when you’re ready. Have you spoken to anyone about what’s going on?

    Keep posting. We hear you x

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    It’s him
    I’m the same as you one daughter aswell
    He does hit sometimes but I fight back but for me it’s the emotional abuse and control that really affects me
    He has threatened to leave so many times but now he actually has his own home and has kind of left but keeps me on my toes he think
    However I don’t want him anymore I can’t do it anymore I’ve started to write things down as they happen because like you I blame myself I’m always confused that’s a big red flag of emotional abuse if he don’t leave I’ll be making him I’m not scared of him. It because I’m a nice person I feel sorry for him when he turns on the tears but he will never admit it’s him it’s always me I’m a moaner apparently
    Cut a long story short what I wanna do and my aim is to completely rid him from my life and hopefully my daughters because he will get into her head
    Get rid of him just go just up and leave life is short and they are not worth it

    P.s something I have learned from women who have been in our situation is it’s not us we wouldn’t be here asking if we were the ones with the problem
    Good luck hun x

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