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      So the last couple of days i’ve felt more positive. I have even signed up to do a couple of courses (which he would never have allowed). I swear he is psychic as today he has pulled the rug from under me, knocked me back down ‘where i belong’! I give up whats the point i don’t think i’ll ever be free of him! I can’t see any point no more. :'(

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      Falling Skys

      Hi inneedofsomepeace

      Well done for signing up for two courses.

      They do seem to know when your confidence is growing and try and knock you back.

      Focus on the positives you are doing.

      Don’t left the b****r get you down

      FS xx

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      Thanks fs sometimes it just feels never ending I just can’t see him ever going away

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      What prevents you from leaving? Sorry for asking. xx

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      Twisted Sister

      they really do know when you are feeling good and try to knock you back down its never-endingisn’t it 🙁 so sorry to hear that after you were having such a positive time.

      Keep going with those positives, but that growing strength is a growing threat to him and he’ll see that he has to keep knocking you back. Oh why oh why can’t it be different heh? but dont let his behaviour that won’t change stop you from continuing with your positive steps.

      all strength to you xxKS

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      Why do they do this to us ????
      I’m most prob the worst person to give advice at the mo ….. But try and rewind a few days and go back to those positives and stick with those courses
      Good luck Hun xx

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      I have left, we are in refuge, I also have a restraining order. But he still manages to pull the rug from underme and knock me back into line!

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      Okay, I understand 🙂

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      Hi there, try to keep your chin up and don’t let him win. You have done so well signing up for some courses. I think they feel threatened when they think we are moving on with our life and moving away from their control. They want to keep us down below them. My ex does exactly the same to me. Every time I am feeling positive and life is looking brighter, he only has to say one word and I am back to feeling worthless like he made me feel when we were together. I have gone no contact with him now but he still manages to get to me through his contact with our children.

      We need to remain strong, not an easy task, I know, when you have spent so long under their control, being told you are stupid, worthless etc. I feel the same as you that I will never be free of him but I am trying to ignore his nasty remarks to our children when they see him.

      I hope you can gain some positivity again. Sending you hugs XX

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