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      Yet you get another typical example of the control he wants me to suffer…
      I could go totally mad at this crazy man. Sorry for the bad words but it’s true, he is a mad man…
      Tonight he has tried to turn my children against each other. I cannot believe how low his mentality is…
      I heard my daughter swear as she was annoyed by my husband’s childish behaviour.
      What a man indeed…i can hear him talking to my youngest turning him into a copy cat of himself. He drank on an empty stomach again and now he talks a load of rubbish to my son.
      He wants me to lower myself to accept I am the culprit in our marriage. He brainwashes my son and makes him watch violent films all the time.
      Does he not recognise what he is “creating” in my children’s minds????
      Sorry for the ranting, if I didn’t control myself I would already be confronting him by now…what are my children learning…? All the rubbish he comes up with, the mind manipulation and the lack of interest in their education! My daughter is clever and she talks about him in no uncertain words!
      Truly sorry for the ranting, I need to rant to build a wiser Me who can cope with all this till I am ready to send him packing. And packing he will go…
      I hate him. I hate what he does to my kids and I hope one day they ALL see him for what he is.

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      Falling Skys


      He doesn’t care about anyone or anything apart from himself.

      I have lost my children to my abuser as by the time I had the strength to stand up to him my children ssw abuse as the norm.

      Mine was trying to send me mad so I was admitted to the mental health ward. By luck or strength I survived.

      Stay strong

      FS xx

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      Hi Falling Skys

      I fear the same has happened to some of my kids and my daughter says her brother has turned into a little (removed by moderator)
      She sees in him a total manipulator and an attention seeker as well as a pretender. She says I have already lost my son and she is probably right.
      I am sorry to hear about how you suffered. It must have been hell for you too. It’s lucky I am such a resilient person but bit by bit I am building the strength to accept I need to separate. My daughter wants me to have a life and we discuss things together, she is so clever. She also suffers the abuse which her father seems to enjoy imposing on her.
      I am trying hard to make a decision. I have lived with this man for so long…to me it’s become all too normal.
      I cope. It’s not a life and today my daughter told me it’s not too late still for me to enjoy my life.
      She cant wait for me to separate…
      Thank you for your support FS, I hope you have a great weekend.

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      Falling Skys

      I know it’s so hard to make a decision when you are in the thick of it. I didn’t know what to do so I did nothing.

      Talk as much as you can about it, it will help to make things clear.

      You have a good weekend too.

      FS xx

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      Goodness, Bridget, he is using the same tactics as my ex- turning the kids against each other and making his child watch violent or disturbing films.

      They need to exert power somehow. But a conscience doesn’t seem to click in.

      Be the more consistent and calmer parent. You’re doing well xxxx

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