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      Where do I go or contact to find somewhere else to live, my husband and I are both joint housing association tenants, I am finding it so difficult to live in the same home, could I apply for housing without him knowing? thank you for any advice Maria.

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      White Rose

      Hi Maria
      Sorry I can’t answer your question specifically but can give some pointers which may help.
      Citizens advice are a good resource for pretty much anything.
      The helpline (number above) can give advice and support on lots of things. There’s also links on here to local support -follow the links to see if any in your area.
      I’m sure Shelter will also help with housing issues.
      Good luck and sorry you’re having a difficult time.

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      Hi Maria
      I’m in similar situation, I have applied and been accepted without his knowledge, just waiting for work to be finished on my soon to be new house as the housing association are doing renovation. It was relatively easy once I got started (the hard part is actually going! This will be the second time in less than a year)

      I don’t know what the process is in all areas, where I live it’s an online system where you register online, take identity papers to the council office and they activate it so you can apply online – you can get correspondence to a separate address, I used a trusted friend and gave my works phone number so he wouldn’t be around when they contacted me. Ask your local CAB or housing authority how you can get started, tell them you’re suffering domestic abuse and you may get bumped up in priority depending on how the system works (I was in priority band C of A-F).

      Once you’re on the list/matched to a house, you will need advice on getting off your current tenancy – if your HA are like my HA this is a pain. I’m not allowed to sign for my new tenancy while still a tenant elsewhere so I must relinquish the current one – in writing, then take up my new one, and then get the hell out as they will then contact him to discuss him staying in the house as I will have given up the joint tenancy (sadly you can’t just take your name off! I tried) and the s**t will hit the fan! I’m guessing this may be a problem for you too?

      Good luck and let us know how you get on, there are others here who have had similar issues. Red X

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      Hi Maria, you need to speak to your housing association and tell them what is going on. They have a duty to keep it confidential. Nowadays, since we have all the brutal government cuts, rehousing is not easy anymore.
      This government does not help women who want to flee abusive men. They rather risk us getting killed. If you are able you need to help yourself.
      If he is physically abusive you can call the police, they remove him from the property, you get an occupational order against him for a year and the flat can become your’s.
      I had this option but I left the flat for him, because I feared for my life. I am better off if he does not know where I live. However, I pay a lot of rent now. The housing association refused to help me. (Removed by moderator). But what can I do … I had to survive. Good luck! x*x

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      Hi Maria, my local shelter have a Domestic abuse dept, not sure if they all do but worth a try, they can advise you

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