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      Hi .Its been quiet while since we were a couple .He finally move on has a partner young child .We no longer have contact and he does not see his children .
      It’s still not always easy but over long period time I feel more content .So why does he still after all this time makes things difficult? He does not pay child maintenance just discovered he is working .His Partner is starting higher education soon .So he’s bragging about that how supportive he is .
      His mother who again my kids rarely see even tho she lives very near us .Hes making out his child and his mum are inseparable.
      Maybe it’s just me being to sensitive over reacting ? Even after all this time apart he’s still got to give these constant digs .Thought by now he’s been giving his partner the grief and not bothering to be so hurtful to me x

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      Hi Bubblegum,

      I just wanted to show you some support. You are not being sensitive or over reacting. It’s understandable that you are feeling hurt, he is still making things so hard for you.

      It may help for you to get some support in place from your local domestic abuse service if you haven’t already,

      You could also have a look at a Website called Gingerbread which has information on child maintenance.

      Take care and please keep posting to let us know how you are,


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      Scottish Thistle

      That’s what they do, they try and make out their new life is perfect and for us to see what we have thrown away. My husband recently told someone he thought I was regretting my decision to leave as I hadn’t met someone yet!! I have far from regretted my decision, have no intention of meeting someone just now as I want to enjoy ‘me’ time plus I don’t think it would be fair on a new partner to have to deal with my husband/divorce and his carry on, as I know for a fact he would make life as difficult as possible for me to be in a new relationship.

      For your ex to go to the lengths he is it shows he doesn’t want to truly let you go. I thought when mine started seeing someone new he’d give me peace etc but it has only made him worse with me.

      I know it’s hard but try not let him see it bothers you as no reaction will bother him more.

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      Thank you Lisa and Scottish thistle for your advice really do appreciate it .Ive come a long way since we split up .Even after many years apart I still sometimes doubt myself and think WHY are you still making things difficult out .If you were turkey happy you wouldn’t be doing these sometimes hurt full things .Im still single chose to be like that many friends etc do not understand why I’m not bothered meeting anyone new .Between me children we have a safety bubble .Still to afraid to let a make figure in x

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