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      with there inapproprioate comments. I was just talking to my dad about divorce and he goes well its taking too long , ex should of given me a house for kids to live in the old town, maintenance should of been paid and even though am doing via solicitor am too slow and needs to be done via community. what does he not understand , abusers work like this, community will not get involved, swear I just don’t understand comments my dad makes , try and talk and he just p*sses me off more, swear u ladies who have your own place r so lucky , I’m sure he doesn’t do on purpose but really indirectly digs at me that I’m back home , suppose just have to learn to ignore….

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      I don’t involve my parents in my personal affairs unless I am desperate. I tell them I’m ok. Even when I went into hospital it never occurs to me to tell my mother or father. I told my sister and she told my parents. Lol! So I was shocked when my mother called me while I was in hospital. Still I told her I was ok. I didn’t tell her why I was in hospital. It’s not like she could visit me because she lives so far away.

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      My parents are now gone but they were not really interested in what was going on in my home anyway. I cannot imagine what it would be like having to go back to their home if they was. All you can do is grin and bear it and let them have their little digs and hopefully you will be able to find somewhere else soon? Just think how much you will value your own space when you finally get it. Hold on in there I know its frustrating, sending you hugs x

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      Mine constantly ask me on the phone what I am cooking for today’s meal…that’s all they are bothered about, food…
      They are both obese with massive bellies and can’t move much, constantly moaning they ache here and there and everywhere. My dad answers my question when I phone to find out to how he is as ”that’s not a question to ask me at my age”, every time I ring…I get told off for asking.
      They both deny what they did when they were younger, my mum says practically nothing, has no opinion, waits for my dad to reply on her behalf, she is a shell. My dad commandeers the conversations and calls me an imbecile if I don’t agree with him. I am treated as a typical submissive woman, if I tell him how well I am doing in my business by telling him about my latest orders, he tells me don’t take on too much, you would be better off cooking instead.
      I once chocked at the table during one of my visits to their house. He had to ring 999. He got so much on my nerves food got down the wrong way, a very frightening experience for which he blamed me of course.
      My dad pretends he knows my education qualifications and training better than me, telling me I studied this and that, when in fact I never did. And he is 100% adamant about it, causing huge rows over it. I might as well say ok you are right, you obviously lived my life…
      He keeps saying he knows the Brits, but he never lived in England. He visited me of course in this country but he knows what it is like to be an English citizen better than me, though I lived in this country for decades. He causes me huge rows over it, vociferating his opinions in cafes and in front of anyone and everyone whenever we go out. The only person you hear is him. He compares the British Empire era and its people to the present situation and keeps on saying in those days, those were the real Brits…it just goes on and on. My mum and I sit there, in the cafe, listening to him and feeling (I should say ashamed), but we actually feel nothing any more, we just wait for him to finish his beer and we finish our soft drinks and then we go, he carries on in the car saying what a good time we had talking to the people in the cafe (who kept looking at him as they watched him and listened to him vociferate for over an hour non stop).
      There is more to describe but it would take too long.
      It’s like taking the Grumpy Old Men series and multiplying it by a million…

      Have I made you laugh yet Confused 123?

      Take no notice, easier said than done, I know. My exit is the toilet, everytime something that p.sses me off happens now, I go to the toilet pretending I need to wee. I sit on the lid and wait. I always have my mobile so I put on facebook or Youtube and hey presto, the few minutes I need to start breathing again go past and I come out a new woman, a very good tactic indeed…

      Let the idiots talk among themselves, that’s what I think.

      I learned a new skill these last two weeks, detachment…it works 🙂

      PS : my dad thinks that divorcing is a ”statement of failure”, but I now know he comes up with very old fashioned values and cannot answer me when I say is that the case also for a woman who gets beaten up by her drunk husband who also rapes her and smashes things up in the house???? Should she say I would rather make a statement of success by staying???

      Idiots are idiots. Sorry to be so blunt but the more we listen to other people who think they are right and the more we get mixed up…

      So remember the toilet is your exit haha!!!!! (it’s like going behind the black curtain on stage…hide! It stops the idiots thinking in their tracks!) God knows I lovvvvvvve my toilet!!!!

      🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Hi Hun

      Thx u for all your replies , yes bridget u did bring smile to my face, yeah ill just keep ignoring, dont k ow why i thought i’d tell him will just keep to self next time

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