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      Hi all,

      As you know we appreciate any feedback survivors give us. This was one of the suggestions to have this space for women over 50. Please do share your experiences.

      Best Wishes,


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      Hey, Im over 50 and proud lol. My son was an adult when I escaped. I think I felt more trapped than ever when he was younger. I stayed for his sake. Rightly or wrongly. Age can have its advantage. For me I had maturity and a certain amount of financial security through divorce. I suppose I felt eventually I was too old to survive his abuse much longer so perhaps age played a big part in how and why I escaped. I was just too worn down by the barrage for decades.

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        I thought that with the benefit of lots of “worldly wisdom and experience” i would be able to move on, then I found out that actually it’s like any injury that takes longer to heal as you get older, and then I discovered that it was a trauma bond that I was trying to get over……
        Inside I don’t feel over 50 but for practical purposes I am and would love to hear from and share with others.

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        Thank you for adding this post for over 50..
        I am (detail removed by Moderator) have posted on here before and although I left my 2nd husband (detail removed by Moderator) times, went back (detail removed by Moderator) times and then told him to leave, I ended up going back to him moving house as I didn’t have hardly any financial help to stay in the house on my own.. I used food banks, then gave up and lived on cornflakes …
        I went back to him as my children didn’t talk to me either .
        So for a while things seemed better, but my PTSD is worse, my health is worse..I’m constantly having one virus after another, and (detail removed by Moderator) ago ended up having another back operation as my disc had collapsed..
        I am driving myself mad thinking has he changed, he doesn’t threaten me with violence anymore, but he doesn’t let me sleep in the morning ( I don’t sleep good in the night) he comes in opening the curtains saying he wants to see me before he goes..Even the day I came out of hospital I wanted to go to bed early , he said can’t you lye down here..
        He still ignores me when I talk to him, all he talks about is himself and work…I yearn for a conversation..
        I never go anywhere, sometimes I think maybe he’s different cuz I’m doing everything he wants me too..
        He gets the food for dinner after work and cooks it, and he does lots of other nice things..He still tries to gaslight me, but I am more aware..
        He has more control over finances now, cuz when he left he opened another account, has his money go in there but because my account is still in both our names he can see my account too.. but I don’t see his..
        I found out the other day he’s got rid of my birth certificate and marriage license, but he’s got his birth certificate hidden in a draw..

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        Hi Woollymammal, your oh has committed an offense destroying your birth certificate and marriage certificate, but they are not irreplaceable (unless he’s hidden them very well)
        How are you doing, it must be hard going after your op!
        You’ve managed to leave before so huge well done in doing that but you must be exhausted just now. Trying to think straight is next to impossible.
        Have you managed to get in touch with WA yet, did they help you get away the last time. Have you managed to see your doctor for a checkup after your op. You could use that time to let them know what’s going on. Keep posting, you can get away from him again, it’s just so hard.
        Take care.
        IWMB 💕💕

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        Hello All,

        I can relate to all of you. There are some days when it is if I cannot think, don’t want to do anything, or I feel as if I cannot do anything and making decisions is difficult. One thought that keeps going around in my head is ‘I don’t know what to do. This is greatly upsetting for me as I have always known what to do, yet it is almost as if the trauma from the abuse clouds my competence. It took me years to identify just what was going on and now I find myself feeling like an idiot, almost like a destitute because I know better or at least I thought that I did. It is easy to blame ourselves, but one of the things that I am learning is that I did not know what Narcissism was and had never encountered incredible selfishness before. I want or need this to be a quick fix of my mental and physical health, but It does not look like that is going to be the case. Sherrybelle: your words of getting older can bring new beginnings are what I hope for. I am encouraged by all of you, yet knowing that you all have been through similar to what I am now trying to get away from. I keep hope that maybe I do have a future. who knows.

        Keep well all.


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      I’m (Detail removed by Moderator) and my partner was (Detail removed by Moderator). It made no difference , but I must admit i did worry about getting older and weaker while still under his control.

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        Hi IWantmeback, thank you for your reply, my leg pain went after my operation I only got 9 hours sleep in (detail removed by Moderator) nights because of waiting for a bed and being transferred to a specialist hospital .All I wanted to do was sleep when I got back..”He said can’t you lye down on the sofa” I had (detail removed by Moderator) staples in my lower back so just want to lye flat..
        I had a support worker from WA for 6 months, but in that time I was only becoming aware of what he had and was doing .But she did help me get to see a physchiatrist, it’s took over a year to get to see a physchologist ..
        I did it on my own, and each time I left him I was going bk after (detail removed by Moderator) days..I was so stressed putting it all on my daughter..
        I have emailed WA, I coukd do with some more support to work out a plan…And apply for housing further away..
        I just get constantly confused with how can he shop, cook me dinner, make cups of tea..and be an abuser too..I had a tummy bug over the weekend and he hates that I needed to sleep..
        Then he came back after work and said (detail removed by Moderator) I said you didn’t ask me too..he said he did when I was half asleep.. then he said, he got one anyway just in case I forgot..
        I know he didn’t ask me, but I still question it in my mind..

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      I am over 50. I was with my ex husband since my late (Detail removed by Moderator). Had my daughter not done what she did and had my husband not responded as he did, I would just think I was in a c**p marriage.

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      Hello, so glad to have this thread. I too am over fifty. Brings maturity but additional challenges and worries due to health etc.
      Once again so glad that this thread created and glad to hear I am not on my own with this situation.
      Many thanks to WA and all on here for creating this inclusive thread.
      all best

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      White Rose

      Me too and proud of it!
      Stuck with him for at least 5 years more than I should have but now glad to be out.
      I agree age has its advantages in terms of financial independence for some of us, but also down sides – it’s hard to start again later in life, even getting a small mortgage to get my own place was a struggle as some lenders wouldn’t contemplate taking me on and then there’s the making new friends…. too many “established couples” in my life and getting sick if playing gooseberry!

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      I’ve rediscovered female friendship. I wasn’t really allowed to have many friends and didn’t have the headspace to deal with them. I’m more comfortable around women and have been laughing again and doing things I want to do.

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      FF my ex hid tens of thousands of pounds, stole it from our joint account, then lied about it all. The law is not on our side I’m afraid. My advice was it would cost me too much to take it to court and fight it. I was honest all the way through. Disclosing every penny while he lied, stole and used the money to take his new gf on holiday! My son was manipulated throughout by his father. It was horrendous. If I had to go through it again I would do it totally differently but no matter how hard it was to get through. It was worth it for my freedom. Just be very careful as my ex turned violent as he lost control.

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      Thanks Kip,
      He is hardly ever here since I filed, which suits me. Usually at least one of my sons is home and my eldest has a big dog who is very protective of me and follows me like a shadow all day. He doesn’t like my husband coming near me, let alone shouting.
      He is being extremely controlled and composed barely raises his voice. Not his usual self at all. I think he knows I won’t stand for it anymore and it would prove my reasons for divorce. He is strongly denying everything. He won’t risk his reputation.
      I’m not dismissing the possibility, he’s been violent before, but the physical abuse was all at the start. Once I had the boys I knew I had to stand up to him for their sake and would step in between him and my sons even when they were adults. He would pick a fight with them if I was not being an obedient, loving wife.
      I’m not afraid of him physically, just psychologically and emotionally. I know what he’s capable of. I know he’s going to try to destroy me emotionally and drag my name through the mud and try to turn everyone against me.
      I keep telling myself the advice you and others have given me. They’re only words and anyone who knows me and matters will know his lies are just that. I know it’ll hurt all the same, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay..
      Thanks for your support. I will continue to be vigilant and watch for warning signs. I have my emergency numbers on my phone and keep it charged and with me.
      To freedom!❤️

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      I am over 50 too.
      Age was one of the reasons why I did not receive help when I fled.
      Age is a reason why the abuse affected my health so badly and I cannot recover.
      Age and female gender are reasons why I am discriminated by the health services.
      Age was a reason why I was not taken seriously when I looked for help to flee

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      I also agree im so pleased you have a area for the over 50’s I myself am finding it so difficult to accept the emotional abuse that went on for the past (detail removed by moderator), no friends no family, no support, health gone down the pan with all the abuse, im actually living in dread as to how I will cope once the divorce as gone through. If anyone as advice how we get through this I would appreciate any words of advice.

      Thank you again admin for this page

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      White Rose

      Hi emsbank. You may be surprised that you’ll cope better after divorce than before. It will definitely be different but you’ll feel freer and safer. No more walking on egshells, no waiting for the next dig at you. You may even find that friends suddenly reappear once he’s not around and you almost certainly will make new friends. You will definitely be healthier as stress levels will slowly reduce.
      They make us believe we’re useless, that we can’t cope without them but actually we can and we do.
      I manage to get my car serviced, check the tyres, pay insurance, switch my energy tariff, book holidays build furniture, paint walls, get a roofer to sort my garage roof etc without him. Why? Because I’m a mature sensible woman who always could do these things it was just he didn’t let me so he kept control and made out I was useless. If I can’t do it I ask Google or YouTube or the bloke in B&Q or get someone in to help. And guess what I still find time to have a job, run a house as well as doing all these things. He was too busy doing this “stuff that I was incapable of” that he never lifted a finger for child care school pickups washing ironing cooking shopping cleaning.
      You’ll be fine! Believe in yourself. You’re a woman!! xx

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      I would like to ask for everyone’s support as I have a big task in front of me.
      I can’t drive.
      I had a year’s worth of lessons before I left my ex and was about to do my test
      but then he didn’t want me to.
      Then I left for refuge and it went down the pan.
      (detail removed by moderator) years on, aged mid fifties I am hoping to do lessons again.
      Can you give me a shove in the right direction ladies?
      Can you tell me it is still possible eh?
      lots of love

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      White Rose

      Consider yourself well and truly shoved!
      Will you need to do theory test or have you done it and is it still valid?
      Look at “intensive courses” in your area. Might be what you need to sharpen you up ready.
      And good luck x*x

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      Of course it’s possible. You go girl 🚘

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      Thanks lovelies. Intensive course good idea as may be able to do it in child free couple of weeks.
      Had done theory test but then it went out of date so maybe that’s a good place to start
      thanks for support
      all best

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      I’m in my 50s too! I left with the clothes on my back and have no claim to our home. So far I’ve done ok but I’m a bit of a loss as to how to go on from here.

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      Ok lovely you are on here now and belonging to the clan as it were.
      Step by step, ask questions, share the joyful things.
      As the ladies on here know I have taken myself back to college, maybe that is a possibility for yourself,
      September coming up and all that.
      I can’t drive, still need to work on that one lovely.
      In the meantime I’m trying to lose a bit of weight and take care of my skin in the sun.
      lovely to be here and free

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        I love the idea of us all being part of a clan. It makes me feel strong. Im still with my husband but i made a decision last week that i want to leave. So far I’ve been to my doctor who was great, so supportive. Shes advised me to get in touch with womens aid AND a lawyer. Im not sure when ill phone them but im feeling positive at times. Hopefully i dig deep and get the courage to contact them.
        Much love to you all
        IWMB 💕💕

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      Hey Freedomfighter,
      You will feel better if you make the move.
      We are all here to support you.
      Rock it
      lots of love

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      I’m over 50 and I’m really glad I’ve found this space. I was in my late 40s when I escaped from an abusive relationship. I had already been married, had a child and was divorced when I met and fell in love with the person who was to become my abuser. I suppose you’d think that being older with some experience of life would make you less vulnerable to an abusive and manipulative partner, but that certainly wasn’t the case for me.
      All the warning signs were there; things moved too quickly, my ex partner was very charming but also demonstrated irrational jealousy and controlling behaviour early on. I thought I could handle it. I thought that if I made him feel loved and secure, that would stop the constant accusations, and the jealous rages that soon escalated into violence. By the time I realised that wasn’t going to happen, it was too late and I was trapped in a situation I could see no way out of. I had never experienced anything similar before and I felt totally alone. My friends and family all thought my ex partner was a decent person, they never saw his dark side, and I was too ashamed to tell anyone about what was really going on in the relationship. I had always lacked self confidence and my ex partner was very good st exploiting that, always homing in on my insecurities… I was stupid, overweight, a bad mother, a useless human being…going on at me until whatever tiny amount of self confidence I had was destroyed…and I just ended up believing his lies.
      It took me several years to find the courage to end things. I finally did so after my son witnessed my ex partner attacking me. Even then it took another (detail removed by moderator) months for him to stop contacting me, and I was forced to seek a restraining order against him after he took to sitting outside my house in his car in the middle of the night.
      The whole experience left me shattered mentally and physically. My recovery was slow and painful, and I got through it with the help and support of my friends, family, and a very good and patient counsellor.
      These days I am much better. I work hard, and I enjoy spending time with those who are most important to me. I am wary though of getting involved with anyone new, in case I should find myself in a similar situation again. I also still have dark days when I feel a huge amount of anger towards my ex partner for what he put me and my son through. The anger is sometimes coupled with fear that one day I’ll open my front door and find him standing there. I always check my road when I leave the house for work every day and again when I come home in the evening. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life looking over my shoulder and jumping at shadows, but I guess that might be something I just have to live with for now.
      I’m conscious though of how lucky I am. I was able to get away from an abusive situation and rebuild my life, however hard that was…and I’m grateful that I’m able to share this experience with others.

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      Thank you moon for this. I too am over 50 and have a particularly difficult week.
      So I was heartened by your post today and thank you for sharing your experiences. It does
      make a difference I feel as I had a lot of that ‘you should have known better’
      thing – and also the fact that family members never saw how he was. And also the shame thing
      which stopped me from talking to other people
      all best

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        Hi Moon,

        The way you describe your ex partner, you could be describing mine. I thought his irrational jealousy and rages were unique to him, but I can see now they are not. And it terrifies me to think there could be more men out there just like him

        I was in my forties when I met him. He a decade younger. You would think at that age I would have known better. I too saw the red flags. But chose to ignore them. I was flattered at first. Thought the possessiveness and jealously, just meant he really loved me. Stupid. Niave. What’s that saying, there is no fool like an old fool. He isolated me from everyone. I was too afraid to ask for help. I t took me a decade to escape from him. I am now (detail removed by moderator) and trying to start again. I have no home or job. But I do have the most fantastic adult children who are taking care of me till I can get on my feet. But confidence is shot. It’s still early days. And I still have s long way to go. But at least now, I don’t wake up each day afraid.

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      Hello Gemma,
      Just wanted to say good to hear this.
      I remember that point when I stopped waking up every day afraid.
      It is so difficult to describe to someone who hasn’t lived it.
      all best

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      Sorry that may have come across wrongly. Of course I meant to express a hug for you because you have experienced this but good to hear you no longer wake up each day afraid.
      all best

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      Hi need to apologize I knew exactly what you meant, and your right. It is hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it. Though I would not wish it on anyone.

      It’s that fear that churns your guts up. The relief of going to bed and he’s fallen asleep, and for the first time that day you can relax. Though evenings for me were often the worse times. Because he would often kick off then. I believe he did it because at night there was less people around to hear the raised voices or to come to my aid if I managed to get out the house. I would not have a bath at night or get into my night clothes until I knew he was tired, ready for bed and not angry with me.

      Though my family have been incredibly supportive, coming to my aid in the end and helping me leave. They still I know find it hard to understand why I stayed so long. Why I never told my doctor, or even them when they phoned how bad it was. I don’t think they understand the terror I felt, that he would find out. I literally thought he was capable of anything. It sounds crazy to say outloud but there were times I was afraid he could actually read my mind. That shows how much living with him in fear was damaging my own mental health. I thought if escape constantly. Feeling like that, yet totally feeling impotent and incapable of acting, nearly sent me insane.

      I am (Detail removed by Moderator) months out now. Was overwhelmed in the beginning. Making my own decisions, managing money, and still trying to sort out accommodation. But I am making steady progress. Biggest confidence boost for me is I have just got myself s job. I am determined to succeed at it. It’s going to be hard at times I know as I hadn’t worked for many years as he would not let me. I have had no contact and that’s the way it’s staying. I can’t get back the lost years, but I can make the most of the the rest of my life.

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      Hi Gemma, you hit the nail on the head. I too feel my husband can read my mind. I have been with him a long time, so much longer than i should. Why, guilt,shame and fear. If it was easy to leave an abusive relationship we would !!
      I’m new to these forums, ive tried numerous times to speak/reply then my finger deletes the whole page. I’m using my phone as my tablet doesn’t work. i’m still in the house, but i think I’ve turned a corner. A few weeks back i woke up and told myself i was leaving… When, i dont know, but i felt myself calmer and more relaxed, I’m picturing myself in my own place and going ‘no contact’.
      I went to my doctor yesterday and finally admitted that I’m in an abusive relationship. I just need to find the courage to contact womens aid😏.

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        Main Moderator

        Hello Iwantmeback,

        Welcome to the Forum and thank you for sharing with us. It must have taken such courage to reach out for support on here and with your GP. I really hope you find the Forum a safe and supportive place with others who understand.

        When you are ready to share again then we will be here for you. If you would like to talk things through then the 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline is available on 0808 2000 247. It is a busy service but there is a voicemail to request a call back at a safe and convenient time. The Helpline Support Workers will not tell you what to do or judge you, but they will listen and discuss any options based on your circumstances. They can also signpost you to other helpful organisations.

        Your local support group can be found via this link. They should be able to offer ongoing emotional and practical support including putting together a safety plan.

        Once again, welcome to the Forum!

        Best wishes,

        Forum Moderator

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        Hi Lisa and thank you for replying
        I know Im wavering in getting in touch with WA because his absolute anger is so intermittent and we’re in a quiet spell just now and as it is i feel because things are okay im a bit of a fraud. It took 3 wks to get to see my dr and i really thought I’d bottle telling her. But i didnt.
        I woke up today and the knot in my stomach is worse,worse than its been for a while. Logically i know hes never going to be the kind loving guy i met,he’s always going to try to best me. I’m scared. My head is screaming at me to run for the hill but i still stay.
        I think its going to be a day on the couch for me until i have to pretend im okay. I’m a huge indy supporter/and inequalities so why cant fight for my own independence?

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      Hi iwantmeback,

      You say the other day you actually said outloud your leaving. For a woman in your position, who has had years of emotional abuse and intimidation… this is MASSIVE. Psychologically a turning point. I reached that moment. It didn’t matter how or when, the feeling of relief inside of saying it outloud, meant for me at some point it would happen

      It took a while. I lost my nerve a few times. But then he pushed me too far. I never thought I had any strength left. Then I discovered I did. We all have a line. Or a point of enough us enough. Trust me you have yours too

      I am just over a few months in now since I left. I have had my challenges. But life is a million percent better. I start my new job on Monday. First time I have worked in over a decade. I am terrified, but excited. And this is a different kind of terror. This me now making my own choices. Looking after myself. I don’t need or want anyone else to do that for me. It’s still a novelty having my own money, though I did go a reckless phase and spent more than I should. But the sheer pleasure of buying presents for my children and grandchildren without having to ask permission, or be told what was acceptable or or not was amazing.

      I just wanted to say to you that it will happen. Don’t lose faith in yourself. There is a life waiting for you the otherside. Just gather up your courage. It was very brave if you to tell your Doctor. I am here to talk anytime.

      Best wishes

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        Hi Gemma, thank you so much for your long reply. I’m using my phone so have to keep double checking my spelling and If it makes sense. Im spelling police, big bugbear of mine but would NEVER pick up anyone else’s. Yes just saying it outloud made such a difference. No-one heard but i did.
        I know Im not in as bad a situation as some of the amazing, strong women in here, but what i do know is that abuse of any kind should not be tolerated. We’re in a ‘quiet ‘ spell just now, but i know i need things in place for the next time he kicks off. Telling him i find his behaviour unacceptable, literally made him laugh at me. And the usual reply of…if you don’t like it, there the door. Usually this happens late at night. Plus I’ve to leave the keys to the car, mine in name but he pays for it, and leave the house keys. I so need to get a spare cut. Im saving money up just now. Im no longer buying stuff to make me feel better, I’m putting it buy fir my rainy day
        Much love and tapadh leibh mo charaid (thank you my friend)

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        Good luck with your new job too Gemma. U must be si chuffed. I dont know if I’ll ever be able to work again. I have degenerative disc disease and find im getting really panicky around new people, not so bad, concentrating on breathing exercises helps. Enjoy your children and grandchildren. I rarely see my Son and daughter or my wee grandson. He doesn’t like me spending time with them. I dont really know my children as they had to leave me and stay with their dad as living with my partner was to much fir them. Ive missed out on so much , yet at times i dont think I’ll ever leave, then i picture myself on my own in my own place and it calms me down. It was my daughter talking about Christmas dinner and spending it with my mum and dads started me on this new journey. I dont want another Christmas wasted, getting anxious if I’m going to see any of them as he doesn’t like spending time with them. You go but don’t expect me to, is what i get. Then i feel I’m clock watching. Long enough so everyone’s happy. Too looking and it’s the silent treatment for days😏😏
        I’m really pleased things are going well for you. Be kind to yourself

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      Hi. I’m new here. I’m over 50. Been divorced and for into a new relationship with another man a few years later. A man who (in hindsight) has been abusive to at least one of his other partners. I saw it but thought it was her causing it. She was a nightmare. He was never horrid to me. He had an affair with her and we were having an affair within that. Not proud of it but that’s how it was. Eventually, he threw something at her. She called the police and he ended up with a caution for assault. They finished and we started ‘going out’. We lost a lot of friends over it.

      All was good to begin with. I knew he had an anger problem but he said he’d do something about it if I asked him to. I asked him and he refused, saying he didn’t see the point of talking to strangers about his problems.

      Over the last (not many) years I have been chased around the house, locked in, locked out, been shouted and screamed at when I’ve said something he thinks is stupid, been held down on the bed, we have had so many social events spoilt because he has been in a mood. He nearly ruined my daughter’s wedding day for me because he was in a mood. We struggle for money, which doesn’t help but can just about make ends meet. He doesn’t like my job. He hates his job. I have to call him all the time during the day cos he works on his own and ‘gets lonely’. I work (Detail removed by Moderator) and I always know this is going to be a bad time. He is incapable of doing anything by himself. I’m not allowed to go out on my own at all. He doesn’t see that couples should be go out on their own, at all, ever.

      I met my mother for a couple of hours recently, the first time I’ve met with her since (Detail removed by Moderator). He got really upset and angry coz he wasn’t invited. He said that going for a meal was excessive and that me and him should eat together and I shouldn’t eat with my mother. I got so ground down that I agreed not to have a meal with her, just a drink. He made me tell him where we were going, followed me there and sat in the car park and kept looking in the window at us. My mum and I shared a starter but I did not order a meal. He came in and demanded to know why I was eating and why there was a set of cutlery next to me(waitress just put it there). He left eventually and sat outside again. He then wrote signs and held them up to the window declaring his love for me.

      I have told him that his actions would be seen as abusive and he just makes light of it. He tells me I make him do these things. That he only does it because he cares so much about me.

      I am so miserable but don’t know what to do

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        Hi xxxxhelpxxxx, welcome to our clan🙂
        someone said that to me and it made me smile and feel so welcome that i use it now too. Your story saddened me, where do these men think in anyway what they do to us is justified. Do you live with him, do you have any ties to him financially or otherwise. Ive been doing a lot of soul searching and i know ive fooled myself into staying longer than i should have because a)I’d already been divorced (he was passive/aggressive)(just recently dawned on me)
        b) feel I’ve invested too much time, money and emotion into this relationship and i wasnt going to fail again.
        Plus because WE see the good in people and think if we love someone enough everything will work out for the best😏
        I have yet to contact WA or a lawyer but know it has to happen esp as we are in a fairly quiet time just now. Its at these times that we think logically and are more US, that we need to get as much information and not let the guilt get in the way. We do what we have to as women to survive and no one knows how we survive more than the women on these forums.
        Keep talking to us, keep diaries(even if what happens is petty, its the petty things that add up). We have to eat and drink to keep healthy, but there will be days, weeks when you may realise you don’t remember the last time you had a dinner. Be kind to yourself. But most of all keep safe. Can you confide in your mum, i cant ( mine is too ill)but i can talk to my doctor.
        Best wishes to you

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      Sorry that’s so long. There’s more than just this but it would take too long to write. This is the first time I’ve posted about it. Have started another thread

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      sending love to all you ladies, im in my forties and it hurts me so much when i hear ladies even at 50 are still been abused, sending love and strength to u, my mu is going through emotional and financial abuse too, its so hard to see, she wont leave o i just give her love and support and strength how to handle so it doesn’t break her

    • #67325

      I do live with him. We rent a house together. I rented on my own before this one and he moved in. He said he thought it would be better when we got a place together (I had to move out of the last place anyway). We have no children and all mine are grown up.

      It was amazing to begin with. Such fun. Definitely in love. It’s just got worse since. He has scared me with his anger. He says he doesn’t get angry, he gets ‘upset’. He has kicked out at me, locked me in the house, locked me out of the house, he has held me down on the bed by the arms, turned off the electricity when I’ve had ‘too many lights in’ (one because I was in the living room), he has held me against railings outside a supermarket, run into me with his car, laid himself down in front of my car to stop me driving off. When he’s angry he drives like a d**k and I’ve told him if he does it when I’m in the car, I’m getting out. I did that (only going slowly) and the first time he handbrakes the car in front of me and knocked into me and the second time was when he ran after me and held me up against the railings. In hindsight I should have just shouted and screamed and gor someone to intervene. The police were called recently because I tried to leave because we were arguing and he came after me. I was scared so did loudly say I wanted him to leave me alone. Eventually I did go back in the house so he left. When he came back he ‘fell’ up the stairs and pulled a bookcase down the stairs. When the police came, they were concerned. It took me about 10 days to actually call them back to discuss it. I have now been classified as standard/medium risk of DA.

      He used to have ‘breakdowns’ before due to stress but he used to have someone else to bear the brunt of it. Complicated situation before. He has no friends. He has a caution for assault on another woman.

      My children are aware of what’s been going on and they are concerned. I do talk to them. I don’t see them as often as I’d like. I haven’t got the same relationship with my grand children as I used to and it makes me really sad. My children don’t like him but they will tolerate him just to see me.

      When things are good, they are great. We make plans for the future, etc. But I am constantly in fear of something goingwrong, of saying something he thinks is stupid or saying the wrong thing. I have a constant anxious know in my stomach.

      Someone said about sex after an argument! When I think about it, that’s what happens. Argument, he ‘makes compromises’ and we have sex. He said it’s the one thing that we are good at. Don’t get me wrong, we have a good relationship in the bedroom but sometimes I feel as if it’s expected.

      I have been invited out to a candle party by someone and I haven’t even told him. Just like I’ve already made excuses for not going to my work’s Christmas party. I know he’ll say I’m abandoning him to rot on his own (those are the words he uses).

      Oh my, another essay! Sorry. I couple go on and on some more still. It’s lots and lots of little things that add up.

      I have tried calling the advice line but cannot get through. I haven’t even told him I’ve got two days off work!!

    • #67330

      Hi xxxxhelpxxxx, i have just had to double check who was writing this, some of your paragraphs have literally been mine, esp the one regarding your children disliking him and having no relationship with your grandchildren 😞😠.
      I cant get over the similarities in our stories. I get the plucking up the courage to say you’ve been invited out(tho my OH says he never stops my) no they don’t but it’s what you come home to,sometimes for days, when you do go out.
      Sex was the only thing we had in common, adventurous, thought I’d meet my equal. He’s tainted it, i lie like a store dog, I’m not adventurous, or next day, it’s, what was THAT last night. We don’t make love, we f..k, s..g,bu.f, any terminology is used except a loving one. I can’t do it now, it makes me feel cheap and a vessel. Thankfully hes not physically forced me, it’s usually the poor me routine.
      I get that by not having an intimate relationship it can cause damage, but sex with someone who abuses us is no longer a loving intimate act😢
      Take care and try not to take it personally, even though its the most personal part of us we give to another human being.
      IWMB 💕💕

    • #67332

      I have only been out on my own a handful of times since being with him. Each time has been met with drama, constant phone calls, texts and messages. I’m fed up of it.

      S*x! He’s never really forced me, as in held me down and raped me but he makes me feel as if I should be having sex with him and he gets disgruntled if I don’t do we end up doing it anyway. He doesn’t go to bed very early (now a bit earlier than 3am) but I can’t go to bed before him! And he has digs at me for falling asleep on the sofa!! He doesn’t see that I’m knackered. And if I sleep in at the weekend, it often sets him off too! I can’t win!

    • #67334

      Try reading Living with the Dominator by Pat Craven. Abuse always gets worse and the fact he has assaulted another woman is a huge red flag.

    • #67335

      I hate to say this but if he was my step father I wouldn’t let my children anywhere near him. His behaviour is isolating you which is another abusers tactic.

      • #67342

        Hi, if you’re referring to my post, my children are all over 20 and don’t live with me anymore. He is not their step-father. When he is around the children and grand children, he is great with them. That makes it even harder to explain what’s going on.

        He is definitely isolating me to the extent that I have to arrange to see my children in secret when he thinks I’m doing something else

    • #67346

      Hi help i saw/see my kids in secret too or find im having to deny seeing them on occasions. My oh doesn’t even pretend anymoee, he just avoids family occasions where he possibly can.

    • #68569

      I have only just realised after seeking help after (detail removed by moderator) of marriage that I was an abused wife. It came as a shock I didn’t want to believe it. My husband wasn’t violent he didn’t shout or rage, surely all the problems were mine. I was told he was a covert emotional abuser and on looking it up on Google I was astounded he fitted every area. I had excused, hidden, accepted all his abuse. I was stupid, a drama queen, a liar, incompetent, fat, ugly,a poor cook, a bad manager. I believed him. Gradually I accepted more and more and the abuse got worse. It came to a head when the abuse became obvious to others. My sister held my hand and helped me walk away. I was finally able to tell her some of the things he’d said and done. She was horrified. Over the last months memories of things I’ve pushed down have emerged and I’ve seen them for the abuse they were. He hasn’t wanted to let go even though evidence of cheating have surfaced. He hoodwinked my children but recently my daughter caught him out. Karma. I am moving forwards but have fallen when he’s managed to disrupt my life. I’ve blocked email and phones but he still keeps trying. Lots of you ladies have experienced worse than me. In the world ignorance of the toll on the abused is so misunderstood. But I’m working on believing in myself I hope you all are too it’s not easy.

    • #68576

      Hi @Nemesis, it’s so funny how all their behaviour is practically identical. The more you’ll read on here, the more you’re eyes will open. I really don’t know why I’m staying, fear i guess.
      He brought up the subject of getting rid of our dogs again. Well mine really, but the two of them growl and bare their teeth at him now, but I’m afraid to contact dogs trust in case he was only sounding off, but I can only protect them so much. He’s already punched me down when I stepped in front of him to prevent him thrashing my dog. Now every time he rages at one of them, I freeze and say very little or nothing at all.
      It was very very brave of you to leave your husband 🤗.
      I hope I find the strength to do the same one day soon.
      Welcome to the forum, it’s a lovely place to talk, to vent and to get unconditional support🤝
      IWMB 💕💕

      • #68665

        Thank you Iwantmeback it is a relief to have someone to tell. I feel guilty and ashamed. I hear women talk about how can women stay when they are being abused its ridiculous. I say nothing. Only once did I answer back and say they shouldn’t say that lots of abuse is hidden and they could be making people feel worse about their situation. They were shocked. They didn’t realise I meant me. I hope you can find someone to help you leave. It’s a hard road even when you’ve left because there is so much damage to deal with. But you aren’t frightened and walking on eggshells anymore. You don’t feel constantly anxious and have to screw your courage up to walk into a room. You feel alone because few can understand what has happened to you but you were alone before and the few good times you had were paid for later. Make a plan. Start saving. I got a secret bank account. He found out after I left and was furious. Too late!! But finance is a big control so work out that before you leave. Good luck.

    • #68669

      Hi Nemesis, thank you for your reply. Yes I’ve a plan, long winded but a plan all the same and I’ve been saving properly, not spending on stuff to make me feel temporarily good about myself. Everything goes into my leaving fund🤑🤑
      Its all about educating people isn’t it. I never knew about trauma bonding, I do now😔
      That’s the arguement I’m having with myself just now🤔
      I’m with him, I’m so unhappy, fearing the next outburst or I’m on my own, unhappy, but I can breathe, I don’t fear him coming home, fear I say or do the wrong thing, have to perform when I dont want to.
      Leaving is becoming more and more enticing now. The good him never lasts. Even if it’s just once a year or an every day outburst, peace never lasts.
      So, yes I’m seeing myself more and more without him in my life. I’ll deal with future feelings. The psychologist i saw recently actually thought due to my outlook on life that I may not need councelling but she said that it is available for me once I’m out and am no longer in survival mode.🙂
      IWMB 💕💕

    • #69719

      Hi All, I am definitely well over 50 and retired early (encouraged by my husband). I empathise completely with the comments over hidden verbal abuse, sulks, criticism, foul language etc. I stayed with him while the children were living at home. I have tried to leave on only one occasion since the children left but he cried and swore he’d change. After (detail removed by Moderator) years marriage I thought I’d be a b****h if I didn’t try. At that time I had a good job and would have been financially secure on my own. I could kick myself! Now I find I am trapped in a terrible marriage 24/7 with a man who is steadily getting worse with his accusations, anger, criticism, lies and talent for twisting words. A few weeks ago he even accused me of thinking he was a f****g idiot. No, I wasn’t and how on earth can he read thoughts – that is how ridiculous it has become. I realise the only way is to leave but I don’t know how to go about this now I have no job and I am in my silver years. I know I cannot expect anybody else to make the decision but how do you start? I saw a solicitor a year ago who listened but was non-committal about the way forward until I actually employed her. Help.

    • #69720

      Hello there Doris, (I’m assuming that is not your real name…)
      I too am over fifty and not that many years out.
      I hope I completely get it – with the complications (financial, health, emotional and otherwise) around getting divorced/separating/leaving abusive relationship at an age like ours.

      I’ve not had a good year health-wise, however I don’t regret my decisions to leave for one second.
      I do definitely believe that there is a ‘third-age’ that can be better than what went before.

      I’m sure as this thread shows that there are many, many women like us who are looking to change our lives
      in this ‘third age’. I’m sure the ladies on here can help walk you through it step by step (hold your hand in a virtual sense).

      If you are anything like me, I had never thought things would turn out like this, but believe me, I am not sorry…

      all best and if you wish to message me going forward I will check…messages
      Happ(ier) NEw Year

    • #69725

      Hi Freedomtochoose, yes, you are right – Doris is not my name:0) It is somehow strengthening to know someone out there can empathise, who has been through this and come out the other side. I have made the decision that I must leave for my own sanity and the promise of a future without a constant black cloud following me about. Tell me, did you arrange to rent a place/somewhere to go or did you wait until solicitors were involved ie. remain in the household? Although my husband shouts he wants divorce when he’s raging he refuses to actually see a solicitor. And I really need space between us. Luckily we have a large house and I have my own room to retreat to.

    • #69726

      I am not over 50 but I am inspired and strengthend by this thread, so thank you!
      Many of you have shared your experiences and thoughts with me on other threads and you are definitely helping me through the most confusing time ever! My biggest fear is what if it isn’t abuse and what if I make a huge mistake and I lose my best friend and live heartbroken forever. Your experiences all sound much worse than mine.
      Anyway, I just wanted to say that you all help me and many others I’m sure, so thank you for being amazing xx

    • #69728

      Hello Doris,
      I went to a women’s refuge. This was the only option I thought I had due to psychological abuse and financial abuse. It took me a few years to fight back on the finance front and like many women did not exactly get a fair settlement (which I don’t have yet in any event. The organisation Rights of Women I am sure will help you along. Google it.

      I left with a child which complicated things but now we have a happy life together in the main. With struggles and challenges…

      In a strange sort of way, I would not say I am ‘heartbroken’ but in contrast as difficult as the journey was (and is) I would say I finally found my heart. It was there intact all along. Just that someone didn’t appreciate how beautiful it was (is). But I know that there are those who do. Like all the ladies on here.

    • #69736

      Hello Doris and welcome to the forum. I too am over 50, chronic pain affects my ability to work, so I’m at home most of the time now. It’s too much time spent thinking, remembering about what he’s said and done over the years. I realise I can’t change that, but I can change my future, to one of peace and calm. No shouting cos I’m not holding a bit of wood right or putting the toilet roll on the wrong way. I’ve actually been putting it on my way on and off now, a wee bit of fighting back. Pathetic isn’t it, but to us its a huge decision to defy him🤗 I think as we are we are putting into place a quieter time of life, we dont want the chaos and drama that living wirth such a man brings us. It’s not about sering friends and family, it’s about having the choice to see them.
      I cant even go for shopping as I’m afraid what I but/ make he’ll not easy or even like. Funny though, he’s been actually complimenting what hes been given for a few weeks now, I definateky think they realise when we’ve had enough. I’m constantly getting told, if I don’t like it, there’s the for. I’m the one bringing up the divorce word, but all he says, is I’ve been put out of better places than this.
      I know it’s a defence mechanism on his part, but when you have been told constantly throughout your marriage that he diesnt care, or he can go anytime as can I, it really makes you feel worthless.
      I’m so scared to stay again to, how will I even be able to decorate a house on my own, but furnishing fir it, if he refuses to give me anything, though a solicitor would soon put paid to that. WA have their own solicitors who specialise in divorce. Have you spoken to anyone. I’m dealing with the local group rather than the national helpline.
      It’s hard dealing with this at any are, but look at what you’ve achieved in your life, the jobs you’ve had, children you’ve gave birth you and raised. We are stronger than we realise, it’s just theyve worn us down for so long, we’ve lost sight of the strong, vivacious younger woman we were. But she’s still in there, listen to your inner self, your gut instinct. It’s there for a reason. Talk to us on here anytime, you can personally mail any of us, I’m sure someone would talk one to one to you. I’m a firm believer in the #Suffragette movement, we are modern day #Suffragettes, fighting to end abuse.
      #21stcenturysuffragettes 💜

      IWMB 💕💕

    • #69739

      Hi Doris, I’m in my 50’s and in the process of leaving with two young adults. Like you my OH said he would move out and leave us half the house, this time I called his bluff and said yes. I saw a solicitor and set the wheels in motion (unfortunately it’s a very slow process ).
      Get a solicitor good in Domestic Abuse, keep a journal of abuse, record or video him, get things in writing from him i.e. Text or WhatsApp, I gave my OH a few months to move out as he said he would, but he was playing for time and hiding thousands of pounds. If he loves money, like my one does he will do ANYTHING to keep it, he will stall and move the goal posts at every step.
      He won’t believe you’ll leave so be prepared to be “love bombed” and hated at the same time, it is an emotional rollercoaster.
      Unfortunately I was advised by my solicitor to stay put in the family home and I will say it has been torture, I go “grey rock” the same house as I learnt he would use or twist anything I said. I totally get what you mean about getting space to think, I just wanted the same when I started this whole fiasco, how I’m supposed to make major decisions when your waterboarded with abuse is beyond me.
      Get good friends behind you, chose wisely and don’t be frightened to be on here, it is an obsession but knowledge is power.
      We’re never too old. xx

    • #69816

      Hi Everyone, many thanks for the support you have all given – I am so grateful. I understand what you mean, HeavyHeart, when you wonder if you actually do suffer from mental abuse. I am the same but I think that this is all part of the manipulation. He’s either a good guy or a bad guy … but the bad guy is insidious and most definitely controlled. I used to think his anger was simply out of control until a counsellor from the charity Mind put me right (I went to Mind because he was telling me I was mad, having a breakdown, psychotic etc.and I wondered if he was right!) Now I just have to look back on my life with him to see how most events in my life have been blighted by the bad guy. From holidays, birthdays, even my own graduation after studying with the Open University, was destroyed by cynicism, anger, jealousy etc. And yet when he is the good guy I start to wonder if I am just imagining things or over-dramatising. Is this a good cop, bad cop thing? I guess only we can answer that question ourselves as our experiences are different (although similar) but I would say that the fact you (HeavyHeart) are on this website indicates that all is not well. IWMB: I have looked for a local group but have not found one yet. Is there a list of local groups or do I need to phone? Take care out there. X*X

    • #71466

      I’m well over 50 and haven’t been divorced that long. In your stories about husbands, whether current or ex, I see so many similarities with my own ex. I know I put up with his abusive behaviour for far too long, but I consider myself still young enough to make a fresh start on my own.
      Well done, Doris, for getting an OU degree. I’m going to start one this October. I did degrees when I was younger but am now looking at a completely different subject area. I’ll also be moving house soon and am looking forward to that. Life can begin again – and be so much better.

    • #71467

      Hi Doris, I’ve found that local WA(if there is one) is advertised on the Google page when looking up women’s aid. Even if there’s not one in your own town, there may be one in an adjoining one.

    • #71471

      I’m over 50 (Just!). Lived alone and very much a career girl until three years ago when I met my ex. Lived together for only (detail removed by moderator). He was recently arrested again and this time, I’ve made a statement although I’m still waiting to hear if the police are going to charge him. It’s taking a lot longer than I thought it would. It’s like waiting for the funeral after someone has died 🙁 I thought I was too old and sensible to be manipulated like I have been by someone I still secretly (well, not secretly now…) hope will confess all to the police and beg for help in dealing with his abusive behaviour. This is the hardest thing I have ever done 🙁 I’m not ok, but I’m going to be.

    • #71676
      sweet freedom

      I am over 50, and I know Im still broken by what happened, I have massive trust issues, with friends – if you let me down just over something really small it feels like the end of the world because I trusted you. I was controlled for years and the weird thing is that I didnt even know what was happening, its so slow and its “im just making sure you’re alright” and you feel bad because hes so caring isn’t he?
      The birth of our child really made it worse, before it had been so subtle that I didnt even notice it till years later, he was jealous as the child was of course my focus,(same with all mums) he never stopped being jealous, treating me like a 1950’s housewife despite the fact id just had a baby and was barely coping, it was all my fault. AS the child grew older it became physical and the child witnessed one time my head was cut open as I was thrown off the bed, the child didnt tell me till years later, and I burst into tears ashamed.
      Its a mind control the way I thought it was all my fault, I still think I was at fault in some ways, the child saw a school counsellor over anxiety problems and asked my permission to say exactly what had been happening and I said yes and that was it, the headmaster called me to one side at school leaving time and the ex had to go. Its weird how that person that you feared, the person you felt like you were stepping on eggshells around the whole time, suddenly seemed deflated, beaten down. I am lucky that he cared enough not to try and get any revenge for my new found freedom or maybe he had realised that he wasnt going to win.

      Freedom was very bizarre, me and the child sneaking out the back door to go to school and work because he still had a front door key and we bolted it to stop him coming in. (detail removed by moderator) years later I am happy, so incredibly happy I can never trust anyone ever again and never have dated/had relationships etc I want to stay single for the rest of my life, child is an adult and still having anxiety problems but is so amazing. Child sees dad a few times and we have family do’s etc, he hates that I am strong and happy but he is too selfish to do anything to me, he did try and commit suicide a few years later but rang me as soon as he had taken the tablets so I was able to get help.

      People judge DV survivors I feel and say ‘why didnt you just leave’ – they dont understand so I am careful who I tell, as if it was as easy as – just leave!!!!!

    • #74625

      hello ladies not been on in a long time ,I too am over 50 been divorced a few years now my abuser met someone else .and tossed me aside ,he was a controlling bully for years which he denied I put up with a lot ,just put up with it ,he didn’t just leave to be with another but played me for months ,then turned round and told me he was divorcing me even tho he committed Adu***y,getting what he wanted as usual
      my question is ,ladies will I get over what he did and the way he did it or will it stay in my mind forever

    • #74628

      Hi missgiddypants, welcome to the forum💞 eventually I guess it just won’t hurt so much, I’m still with my oh but I’ve read many times that we go through the grieving process very like when we lose a loved one. I’m very happy to read you’ve left your oh, it reminds me it is possible.💛 educate yoursekf on boundaries train yourself to not let anyone break them down, learn to say no and not worry about hurting peoples feelings. You count too, you’re feelings matter.
      Best wishes IWMB 💕💕

    • #74930

      Hi everyone – I am early 50’s and have known my husband for (detail removed by moderator) years. I was always quite smug about our relationship and what an amazing life I had: three children, a beautiful home and great lifestyle. But my husband has badly let me down with his abusive behaviour which is not too extreme but has gradually got worse over the years.

      I desperately want to keep our family together (two teenagers still living at home) but I am aware that couples Counselling may not work as he is not accepting responsibility for his actions (he has blamed others, denied elements of his behaviour, minimised, lied and, once, deflected back to me saying I was the one who was angry!).

      We have both had individual Counselling but it felt as though he went along to his Counselling as a “tick box” exercise because he was advised to by his employer. I think he is trying to make some changes but it feels like sometimes he can’t, his behaviours stem from growing up with some physical abuse and some minor domestic violence, he spent time in the Army and, of course, his behaviour may just be in his genetics.

      In the meantime I am trying to accept how he can be – often he is very loving, caring, thoughtful and generous -but there is this 10% of him which is hard to like. We do not argue day-to-day so home life is good for our children and, on the surface, it appears there is nothing wrong. (They have only witnessed some very minor behaviours from him).

      I am just working hard to keep the family unit together but cannot show any warmth towards my husband because of all the hurt.


    • #74937

      Hi wineandcrisps, welcome to the forum. I’ve been posting since last year. I just woke up one morning and said out loud, I don’t want to do this for the next 20-30 years. I’ve been in denial that I’m abused by my husband, that he abused my children(not his) finally admitting it, was the worst day and following months of my life. It’s like someone has died, we go through the same emotions of grief. There’s 6 or 7 stages of grief we go through. Have you ever written down what he does or says and how it makes you feel. Look up the cycle of abuse too. I thought I could handle his mood swings,I minimised his behaviour, that’s why I’ve been with him for over 2 decades. I’ve also found that if you point out to them what hurts or upsets you, they’ll either continue to do it or they’ll just change their tactics. Mine had gone from totally losing it and screaming at me, to telling me he’s not shouting so why am I, yet speaks louder than me to be heard and doesn’t stop talking in order for me to answer him. He accuses me of answering back, or talking back(who is he my dad). You’re not able to show any warmth to your husband because of how he’s hurt you, none of us here are able to that either. Not one of us. How can you have a safe, loving relationship when one of you says such hurtful things but expects you to forget it, to stop being so sensitive. Try and see if there’s a pattern to his outbursts, sulking, silent treatment. Do you feel as if you’re walking on eggshells, afraid to say anything for fear of being told your stupid or ridiculed in general. Does he put you down in front of the children. You say one thing, he says another. It’s a hard road accepting our husband’s are abusive. Too often we blame what happened to them in their childhood or on drink, or drugs or mental health problems. None of these excuses justify being abusive, not everyone who has had issues is an abuser. Abusers choose to abuse.
      Take care, there’s no judgement on here, you stay, you go, you do what’s right fir you. We are not responsible for making another person happy at the expense of our own happiness and peace of mind.
      IWMB 💕💕

    • #84888

      Just read the messages and oh my goodness I have just split from an (detail removed by moderator) year abusive relationship and I know the abuse started from the beginning and all I did was make excuses for him. I got sorry it won’t happen again and I am going to change and I love you and I believed him over and over again. Every day it was the same and I made excuses for him.
      I was going to leave him a hundred times but always felt sorry for him and knew I could fix him He became my project to make him better.
      We went to counselling on several occasions He was so nice to everyone else. Said all the right things Nothing changed and I still knew I could make him better and he hurt me physically and emotionally but I could fix him so I forgave him
      So now I feel relieved he’s gone but scared of being on my own. I have cut off all ties and will have no contact with him at all

      It’s only (detail removed by moderator) and my sons ( not his) are all waiting for when I go back to him – not nastily but because they have heard this 100 times

      I just feel like a total idiot. It’s like I’ve opened my eyes for the first time in (detail removed by moderator) years and see the truth

      I keep just asking could anyone do that to a person and hurt them so bad. I just feel guilty for what I have put up with and put my kids through.
      I felt strong for the first few days and now I just can’t stop crying.

      I guess it’s one day at a time. Day (detail removed by moderator) today

    • #84908

      Hi Misti,
      Don’t feel any guilt for what he put you through. You tried your best and he took advantage of your compassion. I know what you mean by saying you felt sorry for him and tried to help him. They know that we’re empathetic and use this to manipulate and gain a position of control over us. I’m certain that if we had treated them the same way they most definitely would not feel sorry for us and would leave. They target caring people as they can bully them.
      It’s very early days for you and you will go through ups and downs and will most likely experience fear and panic attacks. All normal reactions to the aftermath of abuse. Talk to WA and post here when you’re feeling wobbly. From here on the only way is up. Stay no contact if you possibly can and step by step you will grow stronger and regain yourself.

    • #85459

      Hi lisa
      I have waited til now to even find out my options for leaving as I wanted to be sure my husband would never have time on his own with my children. He is so temperamental that I couldn’t bear the idea of him having a whole weekend of custody with the children without me there to keep them safe. I wonder if other women like me have ended up contemplating leaving later because they had to know the children had safely gone before they could leave. My children are adults now and financially independent of him. If he behaves badly they can choose to cut him off. That has given me the freedom to start to quietly get my affairs in order and then go. I have also found some self confidence which helps me accept that if I loose one or two friends who can’t see him for what he is then I dont need them in my life any more. When i was younger I dont know if I would have felt that. I am not there yet and am still getting up the courage but at least I can see an opening in the door to go and its not locked shut like it used to be.

    • #85461

      I’m over 50. I thought I was a strong independent woman until he broke me. I had a few relationships before, 3 serious where we lived together. I come from a traditional family, my parents hard working, my Dad a role model for any man. So why did I gravitate to men that sponged off me? Even when I earned a low wage after leaving school. There was only ever one man who truly paid his way. I’m still a bit in disbelief how I let this happen, and potentially ruining my future, but it’s a huge lesson. I doubt I’d be able to Trudy any man again. I was headstrong, opinionated, confident. Now I’m not. But it will come back, I know it. I still feel a bit guilty but now I understand FOG I’m dealing with it. Keep going ladies. Xx

    • #89841

      I’m (detail removed by moderator) and left my second abusive relationship several years ago. The descriptions of experiences I’ve read in this thread could be pages right out of my own life.. I’m happily married now to a wonderful understanding man. But I still have self doubt and I still have guilt and low esteem. Finding this forum is helping me to forgive myself. I make small challenges for myself, like joining a class, having an excursion by myself or attending an event alone. I’m very nervous when I’m on my own but each time I achieve my goal I grow in confidence and happiness. I’m determined not to look back on my precious life and meet only regrets. We are all worthy of love and contentment. It’s never ever too late.

    • #89842

      Hey sherrybelle, doing things on my own was a huge hurdle for years. I recently got the train on my own and sat in a cafe on my own. You will know how that feels. This time I actually got pleasure in these things. Another goal achieved x

    • #89862

      Hi Sherrybelle,

      It’s amazing that you’ve been brave enough to have another relationship. That really warms my heart.

      I can’t imagine ever feeling able to trust another man, I’m super suspicious of each one I meet and that’s just in normal day to day life, heaven knows how I’d cope on a personal basis!

      I am so, so pleased for you that you have loving support helping you recover from the abuse you experienced.


      • #90125

        Thank you Escapee
        for your kind words.
        I feel so glad to be experiencing a real relationship… I can communicate every doubt and anxiety with my husband and he treats me with patience and respect and love. He tells me each day that I’m a worthy human being. I’m doing my best (with the help of this forum and the support of my husband) to free myself from the shadow of control and abuse. Getting older can bring new beginnings…. x*x

    • #90294

      Hi Sherrybelle and everyone,
      I am encouraged by your story. So glad you have found a supportive partner. Decades ago I was a feisty professional and single parent, then I got dazzled by a man who is clever. He moved in and took over my life. At first, I resisted but little by little got used to taking the path of least resistance. He controlled every aspect of my life – financial and social. I have left him but still I feel like I am controlled by him – he is still in my head. If you met me you would think I am quiet and capable. I hang on to the capable me and its that part that resists reaching out in case I am seen as a victim because that is one of the ways he controlled me. With him I am a poor creature who needs looking after and I can’t go there again. It’s so hard to describe the ways in which he has come to run my life, but have broken free almost. I live in a different country and I have talked with a solicitor and told him I want a divorce too many times. I teeter on the edge of pressing the button and starting the process and freezing up when he assumes I am going back.
      He has only hit me once – his anger and authoritarian tone is enough to terrify me. My grown up children all want me away from him and they have cautious relationships with him. I feel programmed by him. I know it and yet it’s like those films where the victims are hypnotised and the perpetrator says one word and they do his bidding.I am trying to reintegrate myself and this message is an attempt at that. I am so glad to have found this forum and love the word ‘clan’

    • #95315

      Hello everyone
      I’m new here and from just the few stories I’ve read, it’s a relief to find people who will understand what’s been going on so thank you all in advance.
      It has not taken me long to realise what was happening compared to the decades some of you have suffered. I decided there was a point of no return which was very recent (towards the end of last year) but had no where to turn to for advice until the fantastic lady who answered my call to the helpline. I’m trying to take it a day at a time because it’s so new but already I feel so much relief and peace. Also there’s the guilt and shame of ignoring the warning signs. I know I’ll never forgive myself for all my misjudgements because of my (removed by moderator) children and the mess this is making in their lives. I can only hope they will understand the truth and facts when I know how to tell them.
      Thanks for listening.

    • #95318

      Hi and welcome, please don’t ever blame yourself for the actions you took while with an abuser. We do what we have to do to survive and there is on,y one place to lay the blame and that’s at the feet of the abuser. You should feel no guilt or shame, that’s for him to carry. We ignore warning signs because we’re decent human beings who try to believe the best in others. We make excuses because we simply can’t comprehend why someone would be deliberately trying to destroy us. Try to take things one day at a time x

    • #95529

      Thank you so much for your kind support. I’m much clearer on what I want and need to do which is really helping me focus especially when self doubt creeps in. x

    • #96232

      Hello, this is my first post here. I am new.
      My husband is extremely inconsistent I never know when he will be home and am not allowed to ask any questions.
      Please bear with me as I write I am going through a massive mental breakdown. I could cook and bake beautifully once before but he has affected me so bad that I cannot even time my cooking. I have totally lost the ability to cook, how is this possible?

    • #96586

      Hi prettywoman,

      Sorry, it’s taken so long for someone to reply….. you’re kind of tucked away on this thread, it’s best to start a new one. 😊

      It’s stress. These men muck with our heads so much we get overwhelmed with stress hormones. I’m out but still struggle to control the release of these chemicals and it’s really tough. 💕

      Welcome to the group. Start your own thread and you’ll get amazing support and advice. Xx

    • #97707
      My angel

      I’ve been out of my relationship for (removed by moderator) months after being with him for (removed by moderator)yrs, I feel so stupid that I didn’t realise it was a controlling relationship, I met him when I was suffering with depression and anxiety and he helped me to get well or so I thought but I now know that as long as I was ill he was wonderful but if I became to well he would withhold his affection and time which made me ill and he came charging in on his white horse, with help from my wonderful son’s im out of that relationship and hope to start my new life

    • #97711

      Well done on getting out……it takes a lot of courage xx

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