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      Today is a bad day… It’s an anniversary today. A child of mine died (detail removed by Moderator) years ago… And yes I am devastated obviously but the pain is now less intense than it was in the beginning.. I deal with it my problem is him. I asked him if we could go out and he’s like yes. I don’t ask for much just to remember child quietly etc and have a nice day with bit of support. Oh yes of course he will. Anyway no he didn’t totally egnored me all day and left me to grieve alone.. And then I was was just thinking anytime when I need a bit of support..were is he? Being extra nasty to me using my vulnerability against me. I am fool its obvious what would happen. I really should kno better.x.

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      Hi there, just wanted to send you a big hug. It’s a terrible thing, no parent should have to go through that❤️

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      Falling Skys

      Hi Ssss

      The worse loss of all is to loss a child, hugs xx

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      Bless you, Ssss.

      I am thinking of you on this day.

      I have been on the receiving end of that kind of treatment too. They choose days when you really need them to delight in being emotionally distant or downright unkind.

      They are so warped.

      Whatever the reason- fear of emotions, delight in hurting you, not wanting to be told how to behave- these men should never have entered into a relationship, never mind had children. They aren’t equipped. Or they are equipped with destructive things.

      I hope you have managed somehow to find some reflective time and a bit of peace today- despite his diva behaviour.

      Hugs. X

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      Twisted Sister

      sending consolation and thoughts for your grief today. I know our wishes and thoughts can’t make up for the distress he has brought you on this day of all days, but perhaps just to know that there is empathy for you.

      I don’t know how anyone gets through such an anniversary, but sending you (((hugs))) and hopes that he can’t hurt you like this again.

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      I am so sorry he chose today to treat you like that, although I doubt it was coincidence. My thoughts are with you today, I cannot fathom how difficult the loss of a child must be without being abused as well. x*x

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      Thankyou all lovely ladies for all your kind words… Just when I thought I couldn’t cry anymore you have all made me cry again…. But in a good way… Thankyou x

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