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      Hi All,
      I think I need to share my experience as I have nobody who would understand me really. I’m living in t this city alone cause I moved to here for him (detail removed by Moderator) ago with my (detail removed by Moderator) years old son. My family living in another country. I wont never tell them how I was treated as I used to be always that "strong" one? Well....I cant feel enough interest from my family side. So basically I was with my abusive partner (detail removed by Moderator) years in total. Everything started great. He helped me to move to this bigger city. He took me to his country and wanted to engage me but his family refused me due to cultural differences. We carried our relationship anyway. He proposed me in (detail removed by Moderator). Since, I moved and we started live together i was told things I never been told by my worst enemy even. I was called names, I been told that I’m nobody his family will never accept single mother, that I’m old and I’m nothing. He told that my son will be low skilled worker as (detail removed by Moderator). He been using very abusive nasty words like…prost…tude etc. One day he told he were going to work but he went to see his friend instead. When he came back I asked him where he been so then exploded o me. He snapped my face (detail removed by Moderator), pushed me, throw in my direction items and he took a (detail removed by Moderator) and wanted approach to me. My son was screaming and he called police. My ex partner called police as well telling them that I’m disturbing him and don’t want to move out from his house (tenancy was for us both). He cancelled that tenancy and told me move out within (detail removed by Moderator). Later he apologized me saying that he was angry and he loves so much and we need to search a new house. I forgave him. We found a new house. After (detail removed by Moderator) he started again. He was saying that he will kick me out from his house ( we have joint tenancy) and he will destroy my life. He started looking for solicitors. Then again he apologized me. Few days were ok. Then again he started being abusive saying that he not enjoying anything with me . One day later he said: look I’m younger (detail removed by Moderator) years than you and you will be almost (detail removed by Moderator) and I don’t need. He moved out. There are only few examples of his behavior. Sometimes I was like walking on eggshells. Im psychologically devastated and emotionally I'm ruined. Cant even work . I'm in isolation and working from home so it is double difficult for me to manage my toxic home life with work duties. I'm hoping he will never ever try to damage me anymore. Hopefully he wont come back to …to this house. Now Im in this house and waiting until this tenancy will terminate ( (detail removed by Moderator) months left). There is no break clause in this agreement unfortunately. He asked to pay half rent otherwise he will tell I'm not paying to agency. He used to say to me that Im lowering his quality life and Im eating his money. I used to give money for house. when he had good mood he used to buy me stuff and even facial treatments. He said that his family hate me and his friends as well. I tried to record him and have some photos too. Also I managed to get statement from social worker after that incident with police. Im afraid now that he will be back and tell me his sweet lies and will try to recompense me it with shopping etc. What will you do in my case?


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