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      He smashed a wine glass into the side of my Dave and said I had done it to myself. Why would I scar my own face!!!
      It was domestic violence officers and this women police officer was a (detail removed by Moderator).
      He’s been arrested three times for assaulting a women yet never charged.
      He’s really lucky I reckon it’s some inside job (detail removed by Moderator).
      He’s said he wants no contact and doesn’t want to be with me.. hallelujah
      But getting police on his side kills me the most

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      Thank you. I’m going to get a solicitor’s appointment I need to know how I can get him away for good. Social worker came out today she is thinking about putting me in a refuge.
      I had to sleep downstairs because i was terrified he would come home.
      I’m at my weakest I’ve done nothing but cry.
      The police haven’t been in touch
      My social worker said she ei contact his and say what he’s been doing to me and my kids hopefully this will make his kids safe.
      It’s very hard breaking away from him and thankfully there has been no contact. I miss him but I don’t even know why it’s going to be long process. Thank you everyone xxx

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      The worst thing is I do miss him its cos I’m alone in the house we shared.
      Enough is enough and if I didn’t get out then i would never have.
      Just want the sadness and pain to go xx

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      Thank you so much for your reply. I’m too afraid to go back to the police. He got away with everything it was all dropped previously through lack of evidence.
      I took him back after months apart honestly thinking he had changed shame on me.
      I became strong but now I’m right back where I was on the floor feeling like nothing.
      My social worker as said she knows I’m keeping things from her.. Think she sussed the bruises make up didn’t do much xx so at rock bottom.

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      Thanks confused for the reply.
      Today I had my front tooth fixed the one who broke so badly by hitting me the dentist shook his head at the reason it was so badly damaged but he’s fixed it and I’m no longer afraid to smile now.
      The police are I’m afraid to say only taking interest now because of the messages. They dropped everything prior to this.
      There is still no clue to whether it was him sending the messages.
      I tell myself everyday remember your strong remember you are free but its that love that keeps me to him like I say were talking a good few months now.
      Me and the children are getting there that’s why I’ve took us to kickboxing classes.
      I will never allow myself to feel as weak as I did then.
      I’ve been put straight onto the black belt programme too so I can defend myself if he was to ever attack me again.
      He is probably mulling his next move I know him well to know he will wait for the dust to settle before striking he is a coward that way.
      Yes I’m pleased the social have gone but surely I should have some sort of protection he isn’t innocent despite how much he pulls of the doe eyed Bambi look.
      These people are very dangerous!!
      I’m incredibly surprised by how far I’ve come already but its just wanting the poison to go from my blood.

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      It’s a weird one today I got more messages but this time from another profile similar name where this person says “he’s not him and that he’s worse that ima skinny s***” then I got another saying “I’m a god unlike him”
      I haven’t replied to these messages but today I’ve found myself feeling quite sad its my first Christmas without him i wondered whether he would be sat with the women he has kids with and his family happy ot actually stung me a little and i cried.
      The thought that I’m just forgotten kills me inside.
      I know i should be singing from the roof tops but today and last night i struggled.
      Merry Christmas and cheers to us survivors!! Xxx

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      I have a domestic abuse worker but that’s part of my marac but I haven’t heard anything for weeks, they said I was high risk too. I know its him, as soon as I had solid proof I changed my number.
      The thing is it blatantly says in the messages he wants to beat me and rape me and likes abusing me and that he has done it before non of my previous relationship were violent so it has to be him.
      The policeman rung me back later and said “we’ve looked into your ex partners previous and we will now take it further starting with a trace on that number and if its him do you want us to take it further?? OBVIOUSLY!! he’s already gotten away with his rape and domestic abuse previously now I’m unsure of his previous… I was told he had only been arrested once???

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      The police will not do anything, they said as I replied they will not even look into the number so AGAIN he has gotten away with the vile things he did to me and now the horrible things he said. I’m not going anywhere NYE because I’m afraid again just when I felt a tiny but better 😞

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      Well I rung the police they came out looked at the messages said I shouldn’t of replied but there going to figure out what crime its going to come under?? Would of thought someone wanting to rape children would of been pretty serious. She said she knows I know its him but they don’t and all they can do is trace the number and that might not lead anywhere.
      He wont let me live my life, he’s always going to bother me I just manage to crawl through life and here he is exactly on the day we split up several weeks ago he chooses to play games.
      Wish it would end wish they could send him away lock him up xx 😞

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      I really am trying. He is with someone he had been with for years even whilst we were together so I know he doesn’t care.
      He has children with her, he should not be allowed near any children.
      Thank you for the hug Hopesprings. I am trying so hard to get through it all it is the hardest challenge I’ve ever had!
      Love to you x

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      I know they do good most of the time but to miss out two important things kinda felt they couldn’t be bothered…
      Lets hope they can at least get something from the two things they missed.
      If not he’s going to be laughing thinking he is invincible.
      I cant get over how they could easily of charged it really upsets me the physical proof was there..
      In need of peace what happens with the marac

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